Andrei Năstase: Massive participation in elections will solve equation and this government will leave

To avoid a repeat of the situation witnessed after the local mayoral  elections in Chisinau, when the elections were not validated, the people eligible to vote should take part in the elections in a large number, the leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Andrei Năstase was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Forth power” on N4 channel.

“To avoid a new such situation and to prevent the current government from stealing further, we should massively take part in the upcoming elections. The massive participation in elections will solve the equation and this government will leave in a way that it does not expect. It is essential not to stay home on the election day,” stated the politician. According to him, the municipal elections that weren’t validated by the courts of law are a dangerous precedent, but they showed yet that it is possible to win when the people are united.

Andrei Năstase also said the future bloc ACUM does not negotiate eventual common participation in the parliamentary elections with other political parties, but offered the pro-European parties to field candidates. “The doors of this bloc are open to the representatives of other democratic, pro-European and people’s parties of the Republic of Moldova – competent and upright people. We are ready to accept them,” he stated.

The politician said that regardless of the decision of some of the parties or civic or political entities, the bloc ACUM formed by the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” and the Party “Action and Solidarity”, together with the representatives of civil society, continues to do what it aimed to do – to identify the best candidates who will be put on the lists of this bloc in single-member constituencies as well.

As reads the investigation into the case of “Open Dialog”, when the alleged financing by this NGO of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” and the Party “Action and Solidarity” and their leaders was investigated, Andrei Năstase said he received no summons from the Prosecutor General’s Office. “I received no summons and I think will not receive any as no prosecutor’s office in his world would  accept the absurdities of Candu, Vremea, Plahotniuc or others,” he stated , noting if such a summons exists, he will act ‘appropriately’.

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