Andrei Năstase: If Eduard Smirnov does not resume Parliament sitting, we will have to sue him

If the eldest MP Eduard Smirnov, of the Parity of Socialists, does not resume the Parliament constitution sitting, the bloc ACUM will have to sue him, the president of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Andrei Năstase was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Expertise hour” on Jurnal TV channel.

“What Smirnov risks, and we will do this if he does not satisfy our request do resume the Parliament constitution sitting, is a lawsuit,” stated Andrei Năstase. He noted the current stalemate can be broken by granting the request to continue the meeting to constitute Parliament.

At the same time, the politician considers the decision to form a coalition or to call snap elections will be taken by the leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc and does not depend on the bloc ACUM and this is the variant on which many count.

The president of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Maia Sandu said the signals transmitted on April 9 by the Party of Socialists are rather bad and there is already no hope that someone there has the courage to face the regime.

She noted the Party of Socialists should understand that the model of controlled democracy built by the Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc consists of two elements – the power and the controlled opposition. “The Socialists should understand that the role of controlled opposition, which is humiliating, is being prepared for them. First of all, they should realize that this is not authentic democracy. It is false democracy. Secondly, they will have to assume this role,” stated the co-president of the bloc ACUM.

According to the politician, any party that wants to continue to exist in this country and to have a say should be interested in freeing the state. “If the state is not freed, we will have a regime that will dictate endlessly. We offer the possibility of freeing the state,” said Maia Sandu.

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