Andrei Năstase: I know exactly what I must do to get the city out of the state of collapse

The candidate of ACUM Bloc DA Platform and PAS for general mayor of Chisinau municipality, Andrei Năstase, says he knows exactly what he has to do to get the city out of the state of collapse. However, he specifies, without external funding, urban development is impossible. The candidate undertakes the task of guaranteeing an "unprecedented" external financing for Chisinau, IPN reports.

At a press conference, Andrei Năstase, has presented a project with five directions which will guide him and his team in the event of accession to mayoralty. According to him, the project refers to the best practice models from Romania and the EU.

Immediately after taking office, Andrei Năstase maintains he would take stocks of the entire patrimony, ensure the registration of all land plots and buildings, make transparent the collection of taxes, as well as would guarantee the transparency of activity in the City Hall with the help of whistleblowers and would opt for the development of a social equity system.

Road rehabilitation, parking, modern transportation means, elimination of traffic jams and modernization of food markets are other objectives established by the candidate. Among the actions he would take is the updating of the General Urban Plan, the restoration of road infrastructure, the digitization of urban mobility. Andrei Năstase says he wants to reduce by 30% the time spent in traffic by citizens in his first two years of office and up to 50% in the next two years.

The candidate wants to develop economically the city of Chisinau and to create correctly paid jobs. Andrei Nastase says he will encourage public-private partnership, attract investment for industrial parks and business development centers, launch a grant program for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Chisinau, according to Andrei Nastase, must be a clean and ecological city. In this regard, he would place emphasis on the monitoring of the reconstruction project of the wastewater treatment plant, but also on the urgency of its implementation.

The candidate urged people to vote and "not to miss the chance to break away from the past that destroyed Chisinau".

The second round of local elections will take place on November 3. In Chisinau, to the second round got through Andrei Năstase, the candidate of ACUM Bloc, DA Platform and PAS, and Ion Ceban, the candidate of PSRM.



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