Andrei Năstase: Government treats things with a lot of superficiality

“Mister Dodon, maybe you will ultimately hear me, at least now. Step aside if you cannot cope and allow specialists to take over. Give instructions based on others’ expertise and don’t improvise as the Republic of Moldova does not need improvisation now,” the president of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Andrei Năstase stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel, noting the authorities are treating the COVID-19 pandemic superficially.

“Igor Dodon has treated things irresponsibly from the very beginning. I do not want to criticize, but this government seems to have been treating things with a lot of superficiality. President Dodon tells us that the situation is not so serious, but it is rather serious actually. Igor Dodon believes that the Republic of Moldova is a Russian province and he is a kind of governor who should wait for instructions from the tsar. The Republic of Moldova belongs neither to Igor Dodon, nor to Vladimir Putin or Russia. The Republic of Moldova is an independent state that can undertake the best practices of those who went through a similar situation,” IPN quoted Andrei Năstase as saying.

He noted that he suggested a number of measures to the authorities that are directly responsible for the management of the state of emergency, but these were ignored.

“I propose and continue to propose that the personnel of the Ministry of Home Affairs deployed in towns and villages should be equipped appropriately and that all the penalties imposed for not obeying the restrictions be made much harsher. These penalties should be applied in strict compliance with the law by avoiding abuses. We must learn from the experience of the states that achieved the best results and do the same.”  

Andrei Năstase said the party formulated a letter that will be sent on behalf of the opposition to the European Commissioner for Crisis Management.

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