Andrei Năstase: An eventual failure of referendum will compromise our European future

Andrei Năstase stated that it has become more obvious that the government, which does not have tangible successes to come up with in front of the people, is also overtaken by the efforts and energies of the opponents of integration to compromise this exercise, thus making doubtful the chances that this referendum will reach the majority will of the country’s population. In a public appeal launched today, Năstase said that an eventual failure of the referendum on European integration will compromise the European future of the Republic of Moldova.

“I’m a convinced and strong supporter of the European integration of independent Moldova. We took hundreds of thousands of people to the streets precisely because this goal risked being compromised by a kleptocratic government, supposedly pro-European, supposedly democratic, which, through stealing and gross attacks on democracy and the rule of law, infringed on people’s rights and freedoms. In order to defend this goal, we are ready to take to the streets again, to fulfill our dream till the end. But we will never accept that someone uses this national goal for personal gain, with the risk of foiling even this dream of our citizens,” Andrei Năstase said in a news conference hosted by IPN.

According to him, a responsible statesperson does not act as the current President does. A responsible statesperson unites society around a country project, around an ideal and does not divide it only for temporary personal and party interests. “I want to point out a great danger, an imminent risk that may arise with an eventual failure of the referendum that Maia Sandu and the PAS are organizing in order to rig the presidential election and ensure that they remain in power during the next four years of the life of each of us and of our families that are eager for peace, calmness, well-being and harmony,” stated Andrei Năstase.

In his opinion, a change in the threshold or the number of voters in the already launched process would definitively kill the fragile democracy that still exists. It would be a great abuse and an illegality that would create an extremely dangerous precedent. “Dear people from the country and from the diaspora, foreign partners of the country, please do a simple exercise of imagination: what could Shor or other political forces, opponents of European integration, do on the basis of this precedent left to chance. That’s why, as a person who has constantly campaigned for the implementation of democracy with its essential means, like the referendum, I publicly ask Maia Sandu and the PAS not to play with the European future of Moldova, to look at what happened recently at the polls in Europe and to understand that this can happen to them in the presidential and parliamentary elections and even worse at the referendum,” said Andrei Năstase.

Note: IPN Agency offers the right of reply to persons who consider themselves targeted in the news based on the statements of the organizers of this press conference, including by facilitating the organization of another press conference under similar conditions.

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