Andrei Donică: We aim to reach ECHR to defend citizens with low incomes

The state should make sure that each citizen enjoys decent living conditions and the Professionals Movement “Speranța-Naderjda” will go to the ECHR to ensure this right is respected. They will submit all the files of older persons and persons with disabilities whose incomes are lower than the minimum subsistence level to the European Court of Human Rights as the state does not ensure decent living for them, said the entity’s leader Andrei Donică.

In an electoral debate at IPN, Andrei Donică said that when they enter Parliament, their sociopolitical movement will form an alliance with all the parties that set the goal of increasing pensions and salaries as the quality of people’s lives can be improved this way.

“We will cooperate with all those who aim to stop the genocide. We do not consider ourselves a party of the right, of the left or of the center. We have a common goal for everyone – to stop the genocide, regardless of the political option of the citizens. It is very good that we are now an independent and sovereign state and we have real chances to develop individually, not as part of another state as the third or fourth element,” stated Andrei Donică, who runs for MP on the list of the Professionals Movement “Speranța-Naderjda”.

As the mayor of Condrița village of the municipality of Chisinau, Donică criticized the territorial and administrative reform that was intensely promoted by a number of parties in Moldova. This reform allows for the exclusion of the public administrations of the second level and for the merger of the existing mayor’s offices.

“After such a reform is done, the small villages will be massively depopulated. If we speak, for example, about Condrița, which is proposed to join Strășeni, there will be a single mayor and a local council with 27 councilors. When an infrastructure project is put to the vote, we will obtain a majority only for the villages with many residents. This way, the small villages in a year or two will be depopulated as there will be no infrastructure,” stated Andrei Donică.

He also said that either he enters Parliament or not, he will struggle for the incomes of citizens to grow. The state can be obliged by international courts to ensure decent living for its citizens.

“We intend to take 150,000 applications to the ECHR so as to guarantee decent living standards, as Article 47 of the Constitution provides, namely for the pensioners, invalids and children. Those who have pensions lower than 4,185 lei and children who do not receive allowances are invited to come to us. We will deal with this aspect even if we do not enter Parliament,” stated the candidate.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the Professionals Movement “Speranţa-Nadejda” will be under No. 7

The last electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021” also involved the representatives of the Democratic Party of Moldova and the National Unity Party.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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