Andrei Donică seeks release of guiltless prisoners and prisoners who realized their mistake

The chairman of the Professionals Movement “Speranța-Nadejda” Andrei Donică, who is the mayor of Condrița village of Chisinau municipality, requested President Igor Dodon to initiate the procedure for the release of guiltless prisoners and prisoners who realized their mistake, with some exceptions. In a news conference at IPN, Andrei Donică explained that the request was made following the release on parole of ex-Premier Vlad Filat.

“You, all the politicians together, dared to set Vlad Filat free five years earlier by methods, stratagems and combinations. Please support the initiative for all the detainees, except for killers, pedophiles and those who sold drugs,” stated Andrei Donică.

He considers all the politicians combined forces to obtain the release of Vlad Filat. The former Premier should have served his sentence at the Penitentiary in Lipcani, where he would have been involved in works, but he was specially held in Chisinau so that he could invoke detention in inhuman conditions and could get out faster.

According to Andrei Donică, the former leader of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc was the first who contributed to the release of Vlad Filat before time, when the judge gave the ex-Premier nine years in jail instead of 19, as the prosecutor demanded. The ACUM bloc also made its contribution to the release of the ex-Premier through the penitentiary commission that examined the application to release Filat on parole and took the decision during one day even if a five-year period was to be observed.

Andrei Donică also said that the recent legislative initiative of the ACUM group, DA Platform, to institute a moratorium on the “billion law”, is a PR action. In July, he had discussions with the PPPDA MP Alexandru Slusari, who told him that the “billion law” cannot be repealed because the International Monetary Fund doesn’t allow this. The actions of those from the PPPDA are unexplainable as they say one thing, but do another one. “In the election campaign they promised to annul the billions that were made the people’s burden, but later said they cannot do anything as the IMF decides. Now they propose a moratorium,” he stated.

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