Anatolie Postolachi: I’m sure inhabitants of Hâncești want their representative in Parliament to be a local

The Liberal Democratic Party’s candidate for MP Anatolie Postolachi said he will continue to work as he worked alongside the inhabitants of Hâncești district so as to earn the people’s trust and to obtain the seat of MP. “I’m sure that the inhabitants of constituency No. 38 Hâncești want the future MP who will represent them in Parliament to be from Hâncești and to have character, be upright and be able to discuss and make the people’s problems, and evidently, the solutions to them heard,” he stated, noting he is yet ready to have a dialogue so as to identify the best candidate of the center right. He made such statements in the public debate “Stake of candidates vs. stake of voters” that involved candidates for MP in constituency No. 38 Hâncești, second round, and was staged by IPN News Agency.

The candidate noted that he served as the mayor of Buțeni village of Hâncești district for two terms. Later he held the post of vice president of Hâncești district on economic issues and since 2009 worked as the Government’s representative in Hâncești, managing the State Chancellery’s local office in Hâncești. He said that in time he travelled to each locality and discussed with the people there so as to identity solutions for each case apart.

Anatolie Postolachi said he is ready to be near each citizen of this constituency and near each mayor who will need assistance in achieving their objectives. There is no other way out for Moldova, for the people living in Hâncești town and for each citizen in this country than the European integration that will generate only benefits.

According to the candidate, the stake of the voters in these elections is big. The inhabitants of Hâncești want decent living conditions, high-quality services, lit streets and asphalted roads. They want their rights to be respected, want efficient governance in Parliament and in the Government. They want their children and grandchildren to be near them as they see these seldom. He has worked in the local public administration for many years and knows these problems. Moldova’s chance is to follow the path of Romania and integrate into the EU. “If we do not realize that Dodon and the Socialists are the only threat to Moldova, we can miss the last chance of going there where life is really decent,” stated the candidate.

Anatolie Postolachi noted that in 1999-2013, he worked in the local public authorities of all levels. He is a jurist by profession and this helped him solve economic problems, including major problems that changed the life of people in that period. “Moldova should turn its face to villages and create facilitated taxation conditions for rural businesses and offer them grants or these will leave the villages and Moldova’s future will be not at all bright.”

He noted that if a consensus to unite the forces of the center-right is not achieved until the elections, each of these forces will regret. Discussions should be held in the absence of the press to choose a person who should go in elections till the end and should prove that those of the right are a force.

Anatolie Postolachi considers the Parliament after the elections of February 24, 2019 worked poorly. This became a platform where everyone boasts of the amounts of money given to people, but they do not place emphasis on investments so that Moldova has a continuous development course, the villages develop and people’s expectations are met.

The debate also involved the UNION Electoral Bloc’s candidate Dorin Chirtoacă and independent candidate Grigore Cobzac.

The first round of debates held on February 17 featured the Democratic Party’s candidate Ion Mereuță, the Shor Party’s candidate Vitalie Balinschi, and Vladimir Bolea, who represented the Action and Solidarity Party’s candidate Olesea Stamate. The candidate of the Party of Socialists Ștefan Gațcan was also invited to the debate, but he invoked emergency professional reasons that prevented him from coming.

The debate “Stake of candidates vs. stake of voters” that involved candidates for MP in constituency No. 38 Hâncești, second round, was the 126th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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