Anatol Taranu: The result of local elections will show the potential of the parties within ACUM bloc

The result of the local elections will show the true potential of those parties that make up the ACUM bloc and, as a whole, it will show what the organized force of the pro-European, national parties in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova means. The opinion belongs to the political analyst Anatol Taranu and was expressed at the public debates on the subject "Characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019", organized by IPN Press Agency and Radio Moldova.

„On the Moldovan political scene we have two main actors. These are the PSRM and the ACUM bloc, which are in power. Things were going well for the Socialists. They have excellent electoral coverage in all settlements in Moldova. At this point, the ACUM bloc is lagging far behind the PSRM”, said Anatol Taranu.

The political analyst says that the ACUM bloc has administrative resources and should be in the voters' top preferences because it is the winner of the parliamentary elections. "We notice that the ACUM bloc does not use this extremely advantageous position and shows a certain passivity. The disappointment in the society regarding the policies promoted by the ACUM bloc shall be reflected in the local elections,” said the political analyst.

According to Anatol Taranu, a special interest in the elections is conditioned by the way in which Partidul Nostru and the Communist Party will manage to compete with PSRM on the left side of the political spectrum.

Anatol Taranu mentioned that the Unionist bloc in the Moldovan politics is in the phase of extensive development, of quantitative accumulation. "In the near future, we can expect radical changes. Certainly, we will have a party, a movement that will meet the political adhesion of the majority of voters from the Unionist segment,” said the political analyst.

According to him, there is a certain interdependence between local elections and new parliamentary elections. "Of the four constituencies, two must be separated. In Transdniestria and the Diaspora matters are clear. Circumscriptions 33 and 17 will show what is the actual attitude of the electorate towards the current government," said the political analyst.

According to Anatol Taranu, the problems of the current government are represented by the extent to which the two components will be able to work together and by the external factor, which could determine the preservation or dissolution of the current government.

"The characteristic features of the elections of October 20, 2019" public debates constitute the 117th edition of "Development of political culture in public debates" cycle, held with the support of Hanns Seidel German Foundation.



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