Anatol Taranu: In a European country, Dodon would have been penalized for his statements

In an European country, the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin and the PCRM's candidate for mayor of Chisinau Igor Dodon would have been penalized for their statements referring to the PDM's candidate Valentina Buliga, first of all by the press. The assessments made by the Communist lawmakers discredit them, considers analyst Anatol Taranu, head of the Strategic Researches and Political Consultancy Center “Politicon”. “The slightly misogynous assertion about Valentina Buliga made by Igor Dodon is nothing else, but an expression of the general level of political culture in Moldova and this applies not only to the voters, but also to the main political players. In a democratic country, such an approach would have been penalized harshly and a politician who carers about his reputation wouldn't have done something like this,” Anatol Taranu stated for Info-Prim Neo. According to the analyst, this shows that the democratic political life only started to develop in Moldova and the rules of the political games are not fully obeyed. However, there will be more condemnable cases in the Moldovan politics, he anticipated. Anatol Taranu believes that things will change when the media will learn to address such problems and will make the politicians observe the democratic norms. For this to happen, there should be a perception culture among the media outlets so that they are able to contribute to the political development of society. Communist MP Igor Dodon said Valentina Buliga is a sacrifice candidate who has no chance of winning the elections. He also said that as there are no worthy candidates, the male leaders of the Democratic Party decided to sacrifice a woman so as to remain untainted. The leader of the PCRM Vladimir Voronin said the same.

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