Anastasia Primova: We are a united nation, but we do not have a country vision

“We are a united nation and there is enough evidence in this regard. The fact that much more people took part in the recent presidential runoff than in the runoff vote of 2016 shows that we yet care,” communication expert Anastasia Primova, coordinator of, stated in IPN’s public debate “What can unite Moldovan society”.

The expert considers that to know what direction to follow, a national survey of values should be conducted from time to time, as they do in many countries. If the authorities know what the people are concerned about and how their priorities change, they could concentrate their attention on the solving of particular problems and civil society could do the same.  

Even if there is the opinion that only a few of the thousands of registered NGOs really work for the benefit of society, these represent a weight. If the newly elected President creates a coordinating body, this would be welcome. “The people will eagerly follow a person who will propose a good idea,” stated Anastasia Primova. She gave the example of Ana Racu, who at the start of the pandemic managed to conduct a campaign to raise funds for our doctors. But her example wasn’t followed. If groups of activists had been created on time to work on the streets and in public places to explain to the people why they should wear a mask and obey other preventive measures, the situation in the public health sector could have been different now.

The 12th public debate of the series “Overcoming stereotypes of European integration by communication” held under the theme “What can unite Moldovan society” forms part of the project “Developing political culture through public debates”. IPN News Agency stages the debates with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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