An opposition with thieves of billions is a perfect state for any government, opinions

Swift results are needed for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to feel them or the government will fail in favor of the thieves of billions, said the chairman of the Party of Change Ștegan Gligor. In the same connection, the head of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Dinu Plîngău said the Shor Party represents the ideal opposition for the current government as the PAS can justify its incapacity to deliver results by invoking the pressure the Shor Party exerts on the state institutions. Both of the representatives of the extraparliamentary parties demand that the authorities should provide swift solutions to the economic and social problems of the citizens, IPN reports.

Ex-MP Iurie Reniță described the situation in the country as precarious, influenced by the multiple overlapping crises. He said the government does not manage to deliver concrete results to the citizens and some of the initiatives are dangerous for democracy in Moldova. He criticized the bills to offer additional prerogatives to the Security and Intelligence Service, noting it is unacceptable for the KGB practices to be restored.

“Such changes can be made in a state in which the national interest is dominant. In our country, the political division does not permit this. The risk is very big. I call on the PAS MPs to be more attentive, especially because there are also the recommendations of the Venice Commission,” former MP Iurie Reniță stated in the program “Good Evening” on the public TV channel.

The representatives of the extraparliamentary parties said the state of affairs in the justice system and the socioeconomic situation are deplorable and the government risks losing the battle with the obscure forces if they do not reform the justice sector and do not improve the living conditions.

“This is suitable for the ruling party. Having a vocal opposition like the thieves of billions, with messages from the Kremlin in support of these political forces, is a perfect state for any government. This way, you can justify the internal failures and can anyway blame the sabotage on the part of a force that is supported from outside. But this is a very difficult path. There are many people who are dissatisfied with the socioeconomic situation in the country and they want to state their dissatisfaction. But now this voice cannot be heard as the people don’t want to be associated with the thieves of billions,” stated PPPDA chairman Dinu Plîngău.

“To succeed on our European path, we need not only to step up efforts in the field of foreign policy, but to also succeed at domestic level. I refer primarily to the justice sector reform and the fight against corruption. Out of nine conditions imposed by the EU, more than half refer to justice. Regrettably, delays are seen in the work of the pre-vetting commission, in the constitution of the commission for the assessment of the Supreme Court of Justice. These things delay the changes and give respite to the organized crime. I speak about the Shor Party that daily campaigns extensively. If we do not manage to govern successfully at internal level and to make the success visible to the citizens, we will fail in favor of the organized crime that struggles for power with illegal funding,” said the chairman of the Party of Change Ștegan Gligor.

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