AMN Faction boycotts Parliament’s sitting and demands speaker’s resignation

The Faction of Our Moldova Alliance (AMN) accuses the leadership of the Moldovan Parliament of ignoring the major interests of citizens and of the country and demands the resignation of speaker Marian Lupu. The AMN faction boycotted on Thursday, April 20, the sitting of the Legislature protesting against „the attitude of the Parliament’s leadership towards the faction.” In the beginning of Thursday’s sitting, the AMN MPs announced they boycotted the sitting of the Parliament. At a news conference later, faction leader Serafim Urecheanu has stated the Legislature priorly serves the interests of the Power and its advocates, blocking the Opposition’s effort to eliminate the political and economic lobby of the parliamentary majority, to speed up reforms and European integration, to reactivate the Parliament’s constitutional role of supreme institution in solving society’s basic problems. The Republic of Moldova is grinded by difficulties both home and abroad, which aggravate the day-to-day life of citizens and is the main concern of the AMN Faction in its parliamentary discourse. Among those Urecheanu pointed out: the stagnation and regress signs in economy’s real sector; the acute energy crisis and the lack of a strategy of energy security; suffocating agriculture with taxes compelling peasants to give up their land; the incapacity of the top leadership to attract the people from the Eastern districts through democracy and prosperity; massively using media and certain NGOs within the Communist propaganda machine aimed to manipulate the public opinion the ones guilty of the citizens’ problems etc. In such conditions, the life of a Moldovan layman is marked by despair, maintain the ASMN faction members, whilst the Communist capitalists gather huge richness, wash it abroad and bring it back as foreign investment. It’s dramatic, but significant the result of a recent poll, showing that about 70 per cent of the youth would leave the country on the first occasion. The export of people is the only obvious result of the present Power. And the real parliamentary opposition is obstructed namely because it asks the government to solve the citizens’ problems. The faction has made a series of proposals to improve the situation in those fields, but, as a rule, AMN’s proposals and requests are rejected. Moreover, the AMN leader said, the speaker is biased in treating publicly the opposition MPs compared with the ones of the pro-Communist coalition. Unfortunately, Marian Lupu, practically, has given up his commitments benevolently taken immediately after being elected into the position. That attitude has led to transforming the Parliament, together with the Government, the Justice and other central and local authorities into annexes of the presidency. The AMN faction considers Lupu should benevolently resign. If this appeal is ignored, the AMN faction retains the right to start the procedures of dismissing the present Parliament’s speaker, Urecheanu has said. Asked for how long the boycotting of the sittings will last, Urecheanu stated the faction would try to obtain a meeting with Marian Lupu to unlock the situation. If he refuses, the faction will not join the sittings until the problems are solved and the violations admitted by the speaker are removed.
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