AMN considers that adhering of Romania to EU will contribute to a faster joining of Moldova to this organization

Immediate neighborhood with the European Union will offer new standards and policies with multiple effects over Moldova. This fact will impose the leadership from Chisinau to pass from words to deeds in the process of European integration, but also will bring some natural, security obstacles, which will affect the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, is said in a congratulation message of “Moldova Noastra” Alliance on the occasion of acceptance of Romania and Bulgaria in EU. “We are happy together with Romania of its plenary joining to the European community, counting on its support and of the whole Union in minimizing the negative effects of the new customs regime and for the fast integration of Moldova into this community”, is said in the message. “Our countries covered a long and difficult distance of democratic and social-economic reforms; they overcome difficult obstacles and succeeded in the end. This is a good example for other young democracies with same European aspirations, such as Moldova. This reason – and in the case of Romania, and the natural national solidarity – made us wait with excitement the final report on the adhering of this country to EU. AMN welcomes and shares this historic moment, which is a final conclusion to the joint efforts of the Romanian and Bulgarian politicians and citizens, of the whole EU”, is mentioned in the end of the document. The European Commission presented on Tuesday, September 26, in the Parliament from Strasbourg, the last report for Romania and Bulgaria before its integration into the European Union. As result of its presenting, it was decided to accept these two countries into EU on January 1, 2007.

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