Amenities Division continues clearing sidewalks, ways of access to yards of snow

The workers of the General Housing and Amenities Division have been continuously on duty since early Monday. Antiskid material has been spread for defrosting purposes. When the heavy snowfall started, the vehicles were reequipped with brushes and blades and removed snow from sidewalks, public transport stations, ways of access to underground passageways, social institutions and yards. The information was presented in the ordinary meeting of officials of municipal services, IPN reports.

The Division’s deputy head Genady Dubița said that their subdivisions started the snow removal works at 4 a.m. on Monday. There were mobilized 26 salt spreaders, 25 brush tractors, as well as 10 Avant and Hako machines. In total, 100 tonnes of antiskid material were spread.

“Then, it started to snow heavily and we intervened to remove the snow. The salt spreading machines were reequipped with brushes and blades. All the machines worked on Monday and on the night to Tuesday. Works continue today to clean the ways of access to social institutions, such as hospitals and kindergartens, but also to public transport stations, sidewalks, especially at pedestrian crossings. We have also cleared the access roads to the yards of blocks within possibilities,” stated Genady Dubița.

According to him, the workload is quite large. There are more than 450 public transport stations. The snow clearing will continue and will be followed by antiskid material spreading works.

The State Weather Service said that Chisinau was affected by the snowfall the most as the highest amount of precipitation was recorded here.

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