Alexei Tulbure: Moldovan authorities do not understand essential matter in relations with EU

The implementation of the agreements with the EU, including those concerning the provision of macro-financial assistance to Moldova, is possible only when the democratic mechanisms are functional, the state intuitions are freed from capture, the fight against corruption produces visible results, while the human rights are respected, director of the Oral History Institute Moldova Alexei Tulbure stated in a public debate entitled “Why did conditions for receiving EU macro-financial assistance become an apple of discord?”, which was staged by IPN News Agency.
He noted the EU offers support only to the partners that obey particular rules and this essential matter hasn’t been understood by many rulers in Moldova during many years. “They do not realize that particular technical changes can be made, like, for example, the adoption of a strategy or law, but if you simultaneously change the electoral system contrary to the recommendations of the Venice Commission, this is against the agreement and money will not come,” explained Alexei Tulbure.

He noted that in Moldova they discuss the EU assistance through the angle of colonialism: we give you something and you give us something else instead. This method of thinking remained in the past. “In reality, the EU tells us: lads, for the living standards to be better and the legal system to work, you should adopt a law so that money is not laundered through your country, etc. The EU helps us to ensure the functionality of our institutions and this is not theoretical considerations. We see how these mechanisms work in other places,” stated Alexei Tulbure.

According to him, Moldova saw degeneration during years as it hasn’t yet responded the question, if it accepts or not this development program. “I would propose President Dodon and Prime Minister Chicu: guys, if you don’t need this assistance and you don’t need money, say that you don’t need it as you actually plead for another development path and have another philosophy,” stated the expert.

He is sure that the situation concerning the EU macro-financial assistance will exert pressure on the presidential elections and the eventual snap parliamentary elections. “The tone chosen by Prime Minister Chicu for his statements is either the tone of a person who decided to keep his post or of a person who decided to say everything he has on his mind. As a matter of fact, the high-ranking officials tend not to do such statements. If the Constitutional Court decides that the presidential elections and the parliamentary elections can take place the same day, the President will most probably convoke the leaders of the parliamentary parties and will propose considering organizing the elections,” stated Alexei Tulbure.

The public debate “Why did conditions for receiving EU macro-financial assistance become an apple of discord?” was held in the framework of the project “Overcoming stereotypes of European integration through communication” that is implemented by IPN with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation. 

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