Alexei Tulbure: Despite crises, Government manages to attract international support

Despite the overlapping crises, the Government manages to attract support from international partners, said political commentator Alexei Tulbure, referring to the fourth edition of the Moldovan Support Platform that brought together in Chisinau representatives of 30 states and tens of international and financial organizations. According to the expert, the Western funds contribute to developing and modernizing the Republic of Moldova, while money from Russia comes only for political agents of the Kremlin, IPN reports.

Alexei Tulbure said the previous editions of the Moldova Support Platform centered on the immediate overcoming of the crises experienced by the country, but now the foreign partners offer funds for economic development projects.

“In November, in Paris, they spoke more about what Moldova will do during the winter season, how it will survive, how it will purchase gas, on what funds. At the recent Platform meeting in Chisinau, they no longer discussed the tense atmosphere and the apocalyptic expectations regarding the coming winter. They discussed other things. I see that the international assistance leads to results that stimulate the development of Moldova, push it on. The recent platform centered on the creation of two development funds – the energy fund and the infrastructure fund. Amidst overlapping crises, the Government is able to attract and maintain this international support and also looks at the future,” Alexei Tulbure stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

According to the expert, the external financial assistance helps Moldova to strengthen its institutions, to launch big infrastructure project and to increase the population’s wellbeing.

“After the country’s Independence was declared, we have received foreign assistance. The philosophy of this foreign assistance is very simple. This is a transition measure, a temporary measure to help the national authorities to make the necessary transformations and to later ensure another development level. We need this money that comes from the West as other money will not come to the Republic of Moldova. Russia is unable to provide funds. It hasn’t invested here much. It sent money but through sacks and bags, transmitting this money that has nothing to do with wellbeing to private persons, to their political agents here,” noted the political commentator.

According to the Government’s press service, the Republic of Moldova will benefit from €148.7 million in financial support, including €38.7 million in grant funding and €110 million in loans provided in advantageous conditions for developing strategic sectors. The support for infrastructure, energy and adjustment to climate change will be offered under six financial agreements that were signed within the Moldovan Support Platform conference held in Chisinau on October 17.

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