Alexei Tulbure: Change of power did not bring change to our country

Moldova has the attributes of an independent state: territory, population, internationally recognized borders, customs, constitution, name, anthem, coat of arms, state language, currency, army, etc. Moldova has a quarter of a century of history since independence and ... a lot of problems that seem impossible to solve. Requested by IPN, the political commentator Alexei Tulbure shared his opinion regarding Moldova’s situation, 28 years after the proclamation of independence.

According to Alexei Tulbure, the people of Moldova do not have "the feeling of a common destiny, an idea about the state, about statehood. Independence came about unexpectedly, not as a result of a collective effort, struggle or aspiration for emancipation, but as a result of the collapse of an empire that we belonged to”. "Freedom happened", yet we did not become free. Freedom without free people - this is the lesson of Moldova's independence”, said Alexei Tulbure.

The commentator added that "we have not become free because we do not understand a very simple idea: independence is the responsibility for each and everyone's own fate". "for 28 years we have uninterruptedly searched for a new master. This permanent search of a master has robbed us of freedom". "We have robbed ourselves, we have robbed the country, the assets inherited from the past, we have robbed our present and our future. We are not free, we have no responsibility”, says Alexei Tulbure.

The commentator believes that "we are divided into two Moldovas, each fighting for chimeric ideals. Two Moldovas, two ideas, which by definition cannot have common ground, leave no room neither for dialogue nor for common effort for the good of the country. All the problems stem from here: the captured state, despair, demoralization, anomy, mass exodus and chronic reproduction of a corrupt and inept political class". "Change of power did not bring change to our country", says Alexei Tulbure.

In his opinion, one of the Moldovas is fighting for an imaginary interwar Bessarabia, the return to which is impossible due to major context changes. Another Moldova is fighting for the revival of a mythical RSSM, which has disappeared irreversibly and irretrievably with the collapse of the USSR.

According to Alexei Tulbure, "we need a common vision regarding what Moldova should be. We need a common project for the country that will be developed and implemented by all 3 million Moldovans, regardless of their ethnicity.


On August 27, 1991, 28 years ago, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Declaration of Independence, a document signed by 278 deputies. The yearly celebration of this founding act is marked as Independence Day. The original Declaration burned during the 2009 protests in Chisinau, but was recreated in 2010.

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