Alexandru Tanase denies that some of CC’s decisions suit Vlad Plahotniuc

The president of the Constitutional Court (CC) Alexandru Tanase commented on the unofficial reports saying that some of the Court’s decisions, including that of March 4, were taken to suit the first deputy chairman of the Democratic Party (PDM) Vlad Plahotniuc. The judge noted that the decisions to which reference is usually made were perfectly legal and any Constitutional Court in Europe would take identical decisions. He enumerated similar situations in the Baltic countries, where such decisions were taken, noting that the attitudes of those who speculate on these subjects are dictated exclusively by their political sympathies and antipathies. The statements were made in the program “In Depth” on PRO TV channel, IPN reports.

“Each ones finds an excuse for the own failures. Some find it in Plahotniuc. I don’t know if Plahotniuc is to blame for the fact that only empty tents remained in the central square of Chisinau after there were 50,000-60,000 people there last September. So, nobody should look for excuses for what’s going on. One must try and seriously assume the role they have if they are involved in the political process,” stated Alexandru Tanase.

He also said that he sees not person who would be advantaged by the last CC’s decision by which the election of the head of state by direct vote was restored. “It is actually the people who will benefit as they will ultimately be able to choose the President themselves,” he said.

Asked about another two decisions, of April 22, 2013, when the CC decided that Vlad Filat cannot run for the post of Prime Minister because of suspicions of corruption, and of December 29, 2015, according to which the head of state must take into account the opinion of the parliamentary alliance when nominating a candidate for the premiership, Alexandru Tanase said these decisions are not controversial and are perfectly legal. “Such decisions are adopted by all the courts of Europe at least. As regards the decision of April 22, 2013, an identical decision was taken by the Constitutional Court of Lithuania, when President Paksas was removed. Moreover, the Lithuanian court banned this from holding public posts for life,” he stated.

As to the decision of December 29, 2015, Tanase said that there is no model at foreign level when the head of state, in a parliamentary republic, can ignore the opinion of a parliamentary alliance. “Moreover, similar decisions were passed in the Baltic States in 1997 regarding Presidents elected by direct vote. The Constitutional Court of Romania also passed similar decisions,” he stated.

Asked about his relations with Vlad Plahotniuc, Tanase said that he communicated with him more when this was First Deputy Speaker and has no distinct relations with Plahotniuc as there is nothing he can discuss with this.

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