Alexandru Slusari: We need to find out who the fraud mastermind was

MP Alexandru Slusari, chairman of Parliament’s inquiry commission investigating the bank fraud, says that while Ilan Shor’s name is associated with as many as 77 companies involved in the bank fraud, the mastermind must be someone else, as “Shor and his entire group in Parliament are just useful tools”. “We need to find out during our investigation who the main architect was, who started it and who contributed at different stages”, Slusari said during Natalia Morari’s Politica talk show on TV8.

Slusari said that the former National Anticorrution Center director Viorel Chetraru testified for the commission. “He told us some very important information, especially from 2011, when a hostile takeover was carried out on four banks and an insurance company. He told us names, operative information about who was behind, he said that he repeatedly warned the leadership of the country about the risks and problems with the privatization of BEM, who was behind all the transfers. But when we asked him if he knew who the final beneficiary was, he said no.”

MP Vladimir Golovatiuc, deputy chairman of the inquiry commission, said many things included in the detailed report had been known since the first one, and he was disappointed that it didn’t reveal “more concrete information”.  Golovatiuc says there is a list which wasn’t given to the lawmakers and which contains information about the final beneficiaries of the fraud. In fact, says Golovatiuc, Kroll representatives told the commission the addendum includes influential politicians and businesspersons; they also dismissed the prosecutors’ allegations that Kroll opposed the release of the report.

A facsimile of the Second Kroll Report was released yesterday, sans the beneficiaries’ list, by the parliamentary commission investigating the bank fraud. The reasons put forward by prosecutors for not releasing the list have ranged from that it would harm the recovery efforts, to confidentiality clauses imposed by Kroll, to that the list doesn’t exist at all. 

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