Alexandru Slusari transmits annexes to Kroll Report with names to PGO

The head of the former parliamentary commission of inquiry into the bank fraud, MP Alexandru Slusari said that he will submit two annexes to the Kroll Report that contain names of persons involved in the robbing of the banking system and that, according to him, are well-known to Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo early in the morning of January 13, IPN reports.

“In my opinion, the situation is more than ridiculous. It is a more than conclusive confirmation of the fact that the justice sector had been captured during 2014-2019. On March 22, 2018, the representative of Kroll Company, in the presence of the administration of the National Bank of Moldova, transmitted the Second Kroll Report with all the annexes and names to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office. This fact was confirmed to us by the NBM and by employees of Kroll with whom members of the commission of inquiry had an official meeting in July 2019. Following additional efforts, the commission of inquiry on September 20, 2019 obtained all the annexes to the Second Kroll Report that contained the names of the “heroes” involved in the bank theft,” Alexandru Slusari posted on Facebook.

The MP is firmly convinced that the investigation into the bank fraud had been delayed and the Prosecutor General’s Office now does not have all the materials from the Second Kroll Report. “Not only Morari, but also other persons holding responsible posts, such as Bețișor, Harunjen and Popa, should be held accountable. The list of those to blame is probably longer. During five years, the prosecution service mimicked the investigation and recovered no money of the stolen billions that the Plahotniuc Government made the burden of people in a twice larger amount and that the Dodon Government refuses to remove. If the mentioned persons are not held accountable in the nearest future, we can state that the justice system remains lethargic and politically controlled,” noted the MP.

According to him, the same rule applies to other resonant cases, such as the foreign financing intended for Dodon, the airport, the kidnaping of Turkish teachers, illegal privatization and concession transactions, the National Arena, persecution of civic and political activists and many others. The duty of the opposition and civil society is to maintain maximum pressure so as not to allow these cases to be hushed up, including by protests.

Earlier, the PGO announced that the annexes to the report it possesses do not contain a document with the list of final beneficiaries or an exhaustive list of final beneficiaries. Therefore, Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo requested Parliament Deputy Speaker Alexandru Slusari to remit the list of final beneficiaries, whose existence was confirmed by some of the MPs, to the PGO.

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