Alexandru Slusari: Situation of the Prosecution’s Office is disastrous

The Prosecutor's office was the most affected by the capture of the state, that is why deep reforms should be made in the justice system. Attending the public debates on the topic "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad", organized by IPN and Radio Moldova, Alexandru Slusari, deputy from Dignity and Truth Platform group, ACUM bloc, stated that the situation of the Prosecutor's office was disastrous.

"Without a functional Prosecutor's office, without the rule of law, we cannot make any real progress. Justice reform is a priority of ACUM bloc,” Alexandru Slusari said. The MP also mentioned that other priorities were also very important for DA Platform, ACUM bloc. "I mean the economic development, the development of business and agriculture, the deep state decentralization," Alexandru Slusari specified, mentioning that the reforms were based on two main pillars: justice and fight against corruption. "If we do not achieve these two priorities in a short time, we will get stuck and we will not be able to go on with the other reforms," the deputy noted.

Alexandru Slusari also said that the current government did not cut pensions and salaries, but was preparing to cut budget spending by 3.5 billion lei. "I don't know where the Democrats could have taken this money from. If they were ready to cut pensions and salaries, how could have they explained that. We would have turned into North Korea if Plahotniuc had stayed in power,” the deputy said.

Alexandru Slusari said the cancellation of the duty-free shops’ facilities which, according to him, brought a 600-million lei damage to the budget last year only." After negotiating with the IMF we succeeded in making a correct policy as regards the indirect methods of taxation. As for meal tickets, the former government left us with a 3-billion lei deficit in the state insurance budget, and those who receive meal tickets do not contribute to this budget. We will return to this topic when the situation gets more stable and we will not have 450,000 pensioners with a pension below the subsistence level”, Alexandru Slusari concluded.

On Tuesday, August 19, IPN organized public debates on the topic "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: in favour and against". The debates were attended by Grigore Novac, deputy from the Socialist Party group, Vladimir Cebotari, deputy from the Democratic Party group, Alexandru Slusari, deputy from Dignity and Truth Platform, ACUM bloc and Igor Boțan, the permanent expert of the project. Action and Solidarity Party and Shor Party did not delegate their representatives to the debates.

The public debate titled "Summing up of the results of the new Parliament’s first session: the good and the bad" is the 115th installment of the "Developing Political Culture through Public Debates" Series, held with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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