Alexandru Flenchea: War demonstrates interdependence between two banks of Nistru

Chisinau and Tiraspol can survive economically and energy-wise only together, thinks Alexandru Flenchea, former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, according to whom the energy crisis reveals the interdependence between the two banks of the Nistru River.

Yesterday, the OSCE Mission in Chisinau hosted a working meeting of the Transnistrian settlement chief negotiators. Chisinau proposed to the Transnistrian side several scenarios that would enable the resumption of electricity supply by the Kuchurgan Plant for consumers on the western bank.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine and the energy crisis have shown us how much interdependence there is between the two banks. It shows that the Transnistrian region is part of the Republic of Moldova and that we can only work together. This is also tacitly acknowledged by Tiraspol. They understand that they cannot solve their own energy problems without Chisinau. Just as we can solve them more efficiently and cheaper only with the help of the energy infrastructure on the eastern side of the Nistru”, Flenchea said during a talk show on Radio Moldova.

The former deputy prime minister noted that the times are over when Tiraspol was able to use free gas to generate power, which it subsequently sold to the western bank for a profit. Flenchea says that the representatives of Chisinau and Tiraspol must realize that they can overcome the energy crisis only by cooperating and making concessions, to the benefit of people on both banks.

“Tiraspol wants to return to the previous status quo, where not only did the Transnistrian region have lots of gas to burn, but it also generated electricity, which it then sold to us to get budget revenue. This is a situation that cannot be brought back, not in the foreseeable future. It is no longer possible to return to that situation when Tiraspol felt comfortable economically and energy-wise. It must be explained to Tiraspol that this is no longer possible. We have to adapt to the new realities and identify solutions to survive together. We see that economic and energy survival is possible only together. Tiraspol must be convinced that there are no other options”, explained the former deputy prime minister.

During Friday’s discussions between the chief negotiators, Chisinau proposed the resumption of power supply to the western bank, while Tiraspol asked for an increase in gas supplies to the eastern bank. The sides agreed to meet again by the end of this month.

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