Alexandru Fetescu: Only massive voting can ensure a representative mayor and council

Only the massive participation in the polls can provide Chisinau with a representative mayor and Municipal Council. This is what the city needs. At the same time, the candidates should show solidarity, regardless of their political views, in solving the problems of the city. The opinion was expressed by Alexandru Fetescu, the candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, in the public debates "Only one from many: who and why? second round", organized by the IPN Press Agency.

The candidate argues that he, like all Chisinau inhabitants, faces the same problems – gets stuck in traffic jams in the morning and evening, drives or walks on the same damaged roads and sidewalks, etc. Also, like the others, he suffers from the excessive bureaucracy at the municipal level. And in this vicious circle, the main link that must be eliminated, in his opinion, is the corruption within the City Hall tied up with bureaucracy, which has brought the institution to a state of malfunctioning.

Together with his team, he proposes a political program and an action plan, which would be finalized with the participation of citizens. The main pillars on which the program focuses are digitalized administration, clean parks, infrastructure connecting people, urbanized suburbs, but also culture that should rule in Chisinau.

Alexandru Fetescu declares that he is the best candidate for Chisinau City Hall, because the word that describes him is sincerity and he does not make empty promises. According to him, the problems that the city has accumulated over the last ten years will be difficult to solve in a four-year term, but he and his team are ready for the challenge.

What he welcomes, says the candidate, is that in this campaign the expenses of the contenders are lower than in other campaigns and in fewer places there are electoral billboards. At the same time, it is not right that electoral bodies do not register a contender who has collected ten thousand signatures. In his opinion, this constitutes a defiance of the right of Chisinau dwellers to support an independent candidate, which is inadmissible. There is also evidence of the use of administrative resources, but also of state symbols in promotional materials.

In other news, the electoral contender says that he has noticed the solidarity of some candidates in the electoral campaign against the injustice that is happening in Chisinau, by avoiding to denigrate each other or to ask uncomfortable questions. "This comes from an inner belief that, blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter," mentions Alexandru Fetescu.

The PLDM candidate urged the Chisinau inhabitants to vote and elect consciously.

The next debates are scheduled for October 16.

The debates "Only one from many: who and why?", with the participation of the candidates for the position of general mayor of Chisinau municipality, the second round, constitute the 119th edition of the cycle "Development of political culture in public debates", supported by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel.

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