Alexandru Fetescu: Assistance comes to help people, not state institutions

The Government intermediates the international humanitarian assistance that comes to the country and distributes it according to political criteria. Moreover, the people do not feel this aid due to the involvement of the political class, secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), stated in a public debate titled “Political colors of international assistance in times of pandemic”, which was staged by IPN News Agency.

“The largest part of the international assistance is designed to support the Moldovan citizens, not the state institutions. The people do not feel this international assistance. Regrettably, the politicians who are in power do what they know best – they strengthen their electoral positions on particular segments. Most of the international assistance that came to the Republic of Moldova, unfortunately, was distributed according to the political interests of the main political players,” he stated.

According to Alexandru Fetescu, Moldova witnesses lack of communication during the crisis as the government is preoccupied with a broad PR process.

“The PLDM has insisted for a period on a view: union is needed to successfully overcome all the problems faced by Moldovan society, first of all at internal level. In the current situation of pandemic, there is no place for political PR. Regrettably, we now have more political PR than awareness-raising campaigns centering on the problems faced by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Such a campaign should tell exactly the people what they should do and how they should do something so as to overcome this difficult period,” noted the politician.

According to the secretary general of the PLDM, the local elected officials are delegated many responsibilities, but are not allotted financial resources and the resources are mainly distributed according to the electoral interests.

“Concomitantly, we would like to clearly see a plan of action for the quarantine period and the actions that should be taken in the nearest future. How will most of the business entities that stopped work resist? How will they overcome these harsh conditions? I want to say that the big problems only start,” noted Alexandru Fetescu.

The ruling parliamentary parties that are directly responsible for managing the situation in the field of international assistance didn’t accept the invitation to IPN’s debate, while the representatives of the opposition parliamentary parties that also have particular involvement in this issue weren’t invited so as not to distort the balanced character of IPN’s debates.

The debate “Political colors of international assistance in times of pandemic” was the 133rd edition of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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