Alexandru Cauia: Investments in children and in education institutions should be a priority

The Democratic Party in 2016-2019 made consistent efforts to prevent the closure of kindergartens as, when the kindergarten in a village is closed, the settlement disappears. The investments in children and in education institutions should be a priority and the children should enjoy basic conditions, regardless of the political color of the authorities and the party interests, the PDM’s candidate for MP Alexandru stated in IPN’s eighth electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021”. 

“Starting with the project “First Life”, we managed to increase the one-off childbirth allowance from 3,000 to 6,000 lei. We must have proper kindergartens and in this regard we thank Romania for the assistance offered in building and repairing most of the kindheartedness in the Republic of Moldova. The Democratic Party and its team have the skills and experience needed to take care not only of children, but also of young people, young families and all the social categories,” said Alexandru Cauia, noting they proposed a bill to pay at least 200 lei to each child until they come of age.

Asked by the leader of the Professionals Movement “Speranţa-Nadejda” Andrei Donică how much time the leader of the PDM Pavel Filip needs to deliver the promise to pay the allowance of 200 lei to each child, Alexandru Cauia said the PDM initiated this bill that was given a first reading only as Parliament after February 24 became nonfunctional and it wasn’t given a second reading. Moldova has resources to implement such projects and 200 lei is not by far enough, but is a start and a European practice that should be transposed at home.

Asked by Andrei Donică how the exodus of young people can be stopped, Alexandru Cauia said it is not fair to limit the right and possibility for the young people to go abroad, including for studies, but these should aim to return home. The solution is to ensure the wellbeing of the Moldovan citizens, to increase the number of jobs and the average salary.

To PUN candidate Alexei Paluță’s question if the path to the EU is not easier through Romania for ensuring the observance of the law, Alexandru Cauia said Moldova has the elements needed for statehood, while legal compliance depends on the citizens’ legal culture. The PDM remains the party that guarantees the irreversibility of the European integration objective by its presence in Parliament, from where they will ensure rule of law. “Until the union with Romania becomes possible, we must have a warm relationship with the Romanian state, while the cooperation should be as close as possible,” Alexandru Cauia.

The candidate called on the electors to vote consciously in this Sunday’s elections and not to allow the contenders to divide them. He urged the citizens to vote “the three roses” as the PDM is the political team that proved that Moldova has sufficient financial resources and the salaries and pensions could be raised and there were implemented such projects as Good Roads and First House and also infrastructure projects from which the citizens benefitted and will yet benefit, regardless of the election outcome. “We come to Parliament to increase the wellbeing of each citizen and to guarantee the irreversibility of the European integration objective so as to ensure decent living at home,” stated Alexandru Cauia.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the Democratic Party of Moldova will be under No. 8 on the ballot.

The last electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021” also involved the representatives of the Professionals Movement “Speranţa-Nadejda” and the National Unity Party.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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