Alexandr Odintsov: It’s strange that inhabitants of Țânțăreni resumed protests before local elections

Chisinau councilor of the Party of Socialists Alexandr Odintsov said it is very strange that the residents of Țânțăreni village resumed the protests before the local elections. A similar situation was witnessed in June 2010, before the local elections. Then, the problem of the waste dump situated there was partially solved and significant financial resources were allocated to the local mayor’s office from the municipal budget. The issue was discussed in a program on NTV Moldova channel, IPN reports.

“In June 2018, we allocated six million lei to the Țânțăreni mayor’s office and 4 million lei to the Geamăna mayor’s office. The mayor’s offices manage this money themselves. It is ridiculous that the Țânțăreni mayor’s office cannot or does not want to receive this money for the reason that it does not have a secretary in the local council whose signature is needed to get the money that was transferred to the account of the mayor’s office,” stated Alexandr Odintsov.

He noted that even if the inhabitants of the two villages complain about the poor quality of water and the high number of cases of disease owing to the municipal waste dump that is located in the region, statistics and examinations show the opposite. “Last week there was held a meeting at the Ministry of the Environment and later in Parliament, where the mayor said the report on the quality of water shows this is good and is similar to that of bottled water,” stated Alexandr Odintsov. According to him, some of the inhabitants say they pay a lot for water and are not sure of the quality of this and it was thus proposed that the municipality should pay by 20 cubic meters of drinking water for each family. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health established the number of cases of disease there is average and there was no significant rise in this regard.
Grigore Roic, first deputy head of the municipal cleanup enterprise “Autosalubritate”, said a local business entity from Țânțăreni in 2011 wanted to rent the area where the waste is stored, but the negotiations with the municipality failed and the waste dump later stopped being used. The situation is now difficult as the area where the landfill is situated belongs to the Țânțăreni mayor’s office, while the landfill itself is managed by “Autosalubritate”.

Grigore Roic noted the villagers now demand to reinforce the embankment and to build a station for processing the leachate. “All the investigations conducted the previous years, especially this year, point to stability at the waste dump. There are no preconditions for the bank to yield or for the mass of waste to move towards the barrage. There are no risks now.”

On July 18, inhabitants of Țînțăreni commune took again to the streets, expressing their dissatisfaction with the fact that the promises to build a wastewater treatment station and a protection barrage haven’t been yet fulfilled.

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