Alexandr Kalinin: Each village should have by a school

The Party of Regions of Moldova pleads for strengthening Moldova’s statehood and the family as the key cell of society and for fighting corruption by appropriately remunerating the people so that there are no attempts to take bribe. The party’s representatives said they will soon present a concept of a national country plan aimed at uniting society.

In an electoral debate at IPN, the president of the Party of Regions Alexandr Kalinin said that his party pleads for keeping the traditional values and for a higher level education in Moldova. Investments are needed in the building and modernization of education institutions.  

“We must keep the country’s statehood. We are established supporters of statehood. We are a Christian-Orthodox nation that pleads for strengthening the family. Our party dos not have a clearly defined doctrine. From each doctrine, we will take what’s most useful for the citizens. The closure of schools is a big problem, while the quality of education of the young generation leaves to be desired. This is done intentionally as it is to easier govern an uneducated nation. We are for offering studies of a high quality. Each village should have by a school,” stated Alexandr Kalinin, who runs for MP in the July 11 elections.

He noted that a county idea to unite Moldovan society that is seriously divided is a solution for remedying the situation in Moldova.

“Our society is divided and therefore we should unite around a national idea that would cover the interests of all the citizens. In this connection, our party will make public this national idea at the end of the electoral campaign. The members of our party include entrepreneurs who will offer jobs to each citizen,” stated Kalinin.

The candidate noted the fright agents corruption is among the party’s priorities. This phenomenon can be rooted out only by harshly punishing acts of corruption.

“Our program envisions 35 amendments to the Penal Code, concerning the fight against corruption. The harshest penalty for this offense will be 15 to 25 years in jail. We must offer the honest people the possibility of working and must remunerate them appropriately so that they are not tempted to take bribe” stated Kalinin.

In the snap parliamentary elections of July 11, the Party of Regions will be under No. 18 on the ballot.

The fifth electoral debate of the series “Analyzing Electoral Supply and Demand-2021” also involved independent candidate Veaceslav Valico.

IPN’s sixth electoral debate set for July 6, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders People Power Party, the Common Action – Civic Congress Party and Moldova’s Patriots Party.

IPN Agency stages the electoral debates as part of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates”, with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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