Ala Tokarchuk: Authorities should work out a change management roadmap in fight against COVID-19

The Republic of Moldova should review all the actions taken so far to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. More exactly, the authorities should design a change management roadmap so as to stop the rise in the number of infections and to reduce the number of persons who tested positive for COVID-19, public health expert Ala Tokarchuk noted in the public debate “Why doesn’t COVID-19 recede? Who should do and what should be done?” that was organized by IPN News Agency.

“Compared with other countries, all the measures taken by the Republic of Moldova by now to fight the pandemic were among the strictest ones. We had a state of emergency and kept the people in quarantine. We had many restrictions and a lot of voices say that we did all these, but nothing helped. I think we put down all these measures, but didn’t actually implement all of them. Another question is why didn’t we manage to stop the spread of the virus if we did all those things? Here we should find an answer to the question, what to do next?” stated Ala Tokarchuk.

The expert noted the authorities should not say that they did everything, but failed and should do nothing more. “Our task is to stop the spread of the virus, to take it under control. It is controlling us now, but we should control it. What should we do? We must compile a list of three actions that are the most important ones in terms of health security: to identify the infected persons, to follow the contacts and to step up the biological security measures and see what we can improve, what we did wrong and correct the mistakes.”

Moreover, Ala Tokarchuk said the authorities should analyze the taken actions from the very beginning and identify the point where they acted incorrectly. “In the management of changes, there is the notion of change management roadmap. There should be identified the infected persons and followed their contacts. If we identify all those infected and their contacts and isolate them, in two-three weeks the number of infections will decrease drastically. All the countries did so.”

The debate “Why doesn’t COVID-19 recede? Who should do and what should be done?” was the 139th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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