Ala Nemerenco: Prices for medicines will decrease while doctors' salaries will increase

In a month and a half at most, a new methodology for the circulation of medicines will be developed that will lead to a decrease in prices. The statement belongs to the Minister of Health, Ala Nemerenco. The minister says she wants medicines to be accessible to the population and stresses that she will focus on checking the availability of compensated medicines, IPN reports.

Ala Nemerenco says that medicines cannot come cheap as it depends on the kind of medicines they are - original or generic. "We also want to focus on compensated drugs. But it is very important to achieve a high level of accessibility of medicines," noted the minister on " O nas " program, Jurnal TV. According to her, drugs in Moldova are very expensive.

The minister specifies she plans to hold a press conference soon to officially announce the measures to reduce the cost of drugs. "We have to publicly explain what was the situation before, what is the current state of affairs and what are our proposals," said Ala Nemerenco.

The Minister argues that a list of basic medicines must be approved, which should be the most accessible to the population. In addition, the mechanism of drug compensation should be reviewed. "It is also a strange mechanism. An analysis was made and it was found that medicines were not compensated properly. This is a direct path to corruption. Currently, the reports on the beneficiaries of compensated drugs, how they report on the medicines and how these are paid for cannot be verified. There is no information system”, continued Ala Nemerenco.

The minister has also mentioned that there will be increases in salaries in the field of medicine, but this cannot happen until the next year's budget is approved.


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