After devouring sheep in Florești, wolves moved to other districts in Moldova

After a pack of wolves devoured over 20 sheep in Ciutulești village of Florești district at the end of last December, these travelled to Telenești district and then to Orhei district.

The mayor of Ciutulești Igor Burcă has told IPN that after sheep owners complained that over 20 of their sheep were killed by wolves, an inhabitant saw a wolf on the outskirts of their village.

Radu Colța, a hunter from Ciutulești said that when he went hunting, he saw a number of gray stray dogs that looked like wolves. “I cannot say I saw wolves. I went to the reeds, but didn’t meet with wolves. I didn’t go to the wooded strips as we cannot hunt there. The previous Sunday, I was called by a lad from the village who told me that he saw a wolf in the fields. I went by car there and saw a big dog that looked like a wolf there,” related the hunter, saying they killed stray dogs without belts near deserted sheepfolds as the law allows them to do this because these dogs destroy the fauna, eat domestic birds.

Radu Colța said he heard that several wolves reached a sheepfold in Căzănești village of Telenești district. Those could be the same wolves as those that devoured sheep in Ciutulești and they could return to Florești in search of food.

The mayor of Căzănești Vasile Sârbu confirmed that a pack of wolves recently killed sheep at a sheepfold in Vaduleca village of Căzănești commune, which is situated near the wood.

Tudor Șchiopu, sheep owner from Vaduleca, said that two weeks ago he saw how a wolf was driving away half of his over 250 sheep in the middle of the day.  He needed five hours to gather them back. The next days he found seven killed sheep.

According to Tudor Șchiopu, if the wolves cover by 70-80 km a day, in several days they could get not only to other districts of Moldova, but even to Romania. Friends of his said the wolves three days ago reached the forests of Orhei and attacked two cows in in a household in Isacova village of Orhei district.

The mayor of Isacova Stanislav Kvasnyi has told IPN that he saw a wolf near the village before the New Year, but didn’t hear villagers complaining that wolves attacked their cows.

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