After crisis, we will witness appearance of United States of Europe, ex-Premier

Former Prime Minister Vlad Filat said the European Union will survive the pandemic crisis and will emerge from it not only united, but ultimately with the appearance of the United States of Europe. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen swiftly. It will be a united Europe that will fully make use of the three pillars that dominated its history: Roman law, Greco-Roman culture, and Christian faith. “Let’s hope that the Republic of Moldova, one way or another, will become a full-fledged member of the European nation,” said Vlad Filat, being quoted by IPN.

According to the ex-Premier, the EU in particular and the West in general, besides the pandemic, also face an aggressive propagandistic attack aimed at underlining its incapacity to react or the lack of solidarity, or the end of this construct of prosperity and human rights on the European continent. “The propaganda, misinformation or other soft attacks on the European Union, undertaken and used today by Russia on a large scale, didn’t help at all the USSR that fell apart in only several days,” noted Vlad Filat.

He also said that the EU’s slow reaction to the pandemic derived not from the institutional incapacity or indifference, but from the fact that the health system is for now not a common policy as, for example, the agricultural policy is. So, not the integration of the Western states into the EU is to blame, but the insufficient integration. After a short outburst of national egoism, the orientation of countries to themselves, the European Union member states realized that neither the pandemic nor the post-COVID-19 crisis can be overcome separately.

Vlad Filat said only two weeks were needed for the European bloc to mobilize and find tens or hundreds of billions of euros to deal with the pandemic and with the economic crisis that already started to affect the European economy.

According to him, the overcoming of the pandemic will result in European-level discussions on the modification of the current treaties that regulate the functioning of the European Union or on the negotiation of a new treaty of the EU. “The current crisis showed that the national states simply cannot cope alone with the challenges of the 21st century. The next ten years will be the years of the renaissance of the European nation. The concession and division of sovereignty or common exercise of sovereignty by areas that now belong exclusively to the national states, like healthcare, will represent major topics for debate inside the community bloc,” concluded Vlad Filat.

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