Adrian Glijin’s mother calls on authorities to take action to set her son free

The mother of Adrian Glijin, who was kidnapped  by the Transnistrian bodies over a year ago, calls on the Moldovan authorities to become involved and  help release her son. Vera Glijin addressed primarily President Maia Sandu. The message was also transmitted to Katrina Fotovat, Senior Official to the U.S. Secretary of State in the Office of Global Women’s Issues, and to embassies working in Moldova.

“Anyone can find oneself in such a critical situation and destiny can turn dramatic. Such situations as the one referring to my son are nowadays uncouth,” the woman stated in a news conference at IPN.

Vera Glijin hasn’t seen her son for over a year. She said that in the Digital Age, when the exchange of information is very swift, she is in a situation of unawareness. All her attempts to find out something about her son meet with the authorities’ indifference and with inhumanity.

She was only told that her son is held in Remand Prison No.3 in Tiraspol. “One year and a month for a mother is a too long period for not seeing her son,” said Vera Glijin, noting she will do her utmost to see her son near their family.

The family’s lawyers said Adrian Glijin was kidnapped by five individuals with balaclavas near Cuzmin village of Camenca district, on the left side of the Nistru, on October 7, 2020, at about 1pm. The family was informed that the young man is accused of treason and is in the custody of the so-called security service in Tiraspol. The given bodies searched the house of Andrei’s mother and confiscated personal belongings.

According to Promo-LEX Association, the case is political in character. The Transnistrian administration uses the case of Adrian Glijin as a bargaining chip in another case against a militiaman who tortured Moldovan citizens and is currently in jail.

For the first time, Promo-LEX launched a campaign titled “Show him Alive” in support of Adrian Glijin. The campaign is an online rally to persuade the constitutional authorities, the Russian authorities and the players of the “5+2” format to immediately become involved to defend and set free a person kidnapped over a year ago, about whom nothing is known at present. The immediate objective of the campaign is to obtain images and statements showing Adrian Glinn alive and his condition.

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