Administration of PPA accused of rigging contest to fill post of Moldaeroservice head

The administration of the Public Property Agency (PPA) is accused of rigging the contest to choose the manager of the state-run enterprise Moldaeroservice. The accusations were formulated in a news conference at IPN by Alexei Rogov, head of the Flight Operations Division of Moldaeroservice and one of the candidates for the post of manager.

Alexei Rogov said that he returned home after working abroad for 21 years, after he felt that “something changed in the country “. A former military and civilian pilot and a specialist with tens of years’ experience in the national and international civil aviation and in managerial posts, Alexei Rogov is convinced that he would have won the contest if he hadn’t been eliminated “without any explanation”.

Alexei Rogov was to appear at the news conference alongside Viorel Catană, the acting manager of Moldaeroservice. As it was announced, the two were to tell about “illegal transfers” of assets from Moldaeroservice. But Viorel Catană didn’t show up. According to Rogov, immediately after the press announcement was disseminated, a meeting was urgently called and Catană was offered the post of manager there.

Rogov said he didn’t receive any explanation over his elimination from the contest. He is convinced that he didn’t get the post because he was inconvenient. If he had been named chief of Moldaeroservice, he would have demanded that the authorities explain why the salaries at the enterprise are eight months overdue at a time when the senior civil aviation managers get substantial bonuses, according to Rogov.

Alexei Rogov also said that Moldaeroservice is a strategic enterprise that until 2000 could compete with the similar services of the Baltic countries, for example. The helicopters and planes of the service are engaged in different civil missions, in exceptional situations. During the last two decades, the authorities haven’t paid appropriate attention to the service. Under proper management and with adequate funds, the air ambulance service at Moldaeroservice can be restored. Currently, this service is provided by Romania’s SMURD, but a national service closer in space can save more lives.

Alexei Rogov noted he intends to complain to the President, the future Prime Minister and the Prosecutor’s Office about “the rigging” of the contest and about the situation at Î.S. Moldaeroservice.

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