ACUM presents its commitments

The population’s incomes will increase and the average salary will rise to 11,000 a month. The financing for education will be augmented and the salaries of teachers will be raised and the informal taxes paid by parents will be thus eliminated. The peoples’ costs for medicines will be reduced by 25% and the population’s access to high-quality medical services will be ensured. The rule of law and justice will be reestablished and those to blame will be held accountable. By 2023, the Republic of Moldova will meet all the conditions for applying for EU membership. These are the main commitments for the next four years undertaken by the Resistance Movement ACUM. They were presented in a public event on November 3, IPN reports.

President of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Maia Sandu said these commitments are only a part of the Movement’s objectives that can be achieved by transparent work and with honest people and with the assistance of the partners from the EU. “We want and can build a country where no one endures hunger and is cold, where the parents are near their children and the children take care of their parents, not of foreign parents, where honest work is praised, the teachers are respected and the people are healthy and prepared to face the challenges of the present and future,” stated the politician.

The leader of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Andrei Năstase reminded of the protests mounted and tents pitched in central Chisinau, saying these were worth the effort and the place of the Republic of Moldova is in Europe. “It’s time for us, those many and courageous, to decide what we should do next, with whom and during what period of time. I have no doubt that we will be those who from 2019 will decide what will happen to our country. And I tell you that we have no other option. We must take to the streets and vote for freedom, dignity, normality and a prosperous future at home,” he stated, noting the Republic of Moldova will be declared again a free country after February 24, 2019.

Attending the event, Ludovic Orban, president of the National Liberal Party of Romania, said that a path that can end only with a victory is launched today, and not a victory of Maia Sandu or Andrei Năstase, but of each citizen of the Republic of Moldova. “A victory without which the Republic of Moldova can go nowhere and can remain no one’s land that would offer no chance in life to the elderly ones, to those of an average age and to the young ones. It is a turning point and it is evident that the tectonic plates move in the world and there is no other choice for normal, perceptive people than the road to Europe,” stated the Romanian politician.

Josepf Daul, president of the European People’s Party, transmitted a message of support that was read in the event. He approved of the determination to create a united front in the elections of next February and expressed his conviction that they can win by unity. “It is evident that the Plahotniuc-Dodon alliance will do its best to keep control over the country and distance it thus further from the European path. The enormous economic and social development potential that the Republic of Moldova can have under the Association Agreement is wasted. Now more than ever Moldova needs pro-European democratic forces from our political family that would combine forces in a powerful, unitary center-right force based on professionalism and unity. Only you can offer the alternative deserved by the people,” said Josepf Daul’s message.

MEP Elmar Brok, of the European People’s Party, in a video message said that despite all the challenges, including those related to the modification of the electoral system, pressure exerted on the independent mass media, intimidation of civic activists, including invalidation of elections, he continues to believe in the determination to struggle for what is good for the citizens. “In these hard times, I want to express my support for democracy, for the pro-European forces of Moldova, namely for the Party “Action and Solidarity” and the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth”, and for all the people of Moldova who want a better future at home, near the European family of nations, where you are welcome,” noted Elmar Brok.

The representatives of the Resistance Movement ACUM walked from the “Satiricus” Theater where the event was held to the Monument to Ruler Stephan the Great, distributing the assumed commitments to people on the way.

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