ACUM bloc insists on the same Government composition headed by Maia Sandu

ACUM Bloc MPs have reiterated at the consultations with President Igor Dodon that they are ready to support only Maia Sandu as prime minister, with the current set of ministers and with the same agenda of reforms that the Government had made up. According to them, the main problem concerning the Socialist Party and the creation of a coalition is Igor Dodon, who could, contrary to the Constitution, constantly intervene in the governing process. ACUM MPs say that, as far as it is known, the die is cast and there will be a technocratic Government, whereas the current consultations are only formalities. The statements were made after consultations with the head of state, which took place today, November 13, IPN reports. 

The chairman of the PAS group, ACUM Bloc, Igor Grosu, has said that the first message he referred to was that "the destabilizing element in the current political situation in the Republic of Moldova remains the Presidency, because here is the root of the trouble: the behavior, the message, the positions of the Presidency during these five months. Thus we have ended up in this political crisis.” 

"What we see is a more camouflaged attempt, behind the backs of the Bloc MPs, to take over the state institutions gradually. And we also said it on another occasion - ACUM Bloc cannot be a showcase or screen behind which this can happen, although he (Igor Dodon) has assured us several times, yesterday and today, that he does not want to be the second oligarch. Well, we believe the situation is different,” noted Igor Grosu. 

"We were asked whom we would see as prime minister. We reiterated that it may only be Mrs. Maia Sandu, with the current set of ministers and the agenda that the Government has undertaken - the reform of the judiciary, issues pertaining to the Prosecutor General, the vetting of prosecutors, the release of regulatory institutions from captivity, etc. Only in this manner discussions can take place. Otherwise we will reach a similar situation”, mentioned Igor Grosu. According to him, during the discussions, ACUM frankly said that Igor Dodon was preparing very insistently for the presidential elections, which would be held in 2020. 

The chairman of ACUM, DA Platform, Alexandru Slusari, has mentioned that it was expected that the day after resignation, the ACUM bloc will come with the same message - a pro-European, reformatory government, focused on justice reform, without compromises. "After what happened yesterday, what are the guarantees that the president of the country will not intervene permanently in the act of governing, contrary to the provisions of the Constitution? Here is the greatest problem. The problem is not the Socialist Party, to be clear. I said, we reiterated our position before Mr. Dodon - we make a distinction between PSRM and Igor Dodon. Despite all the reservations and issues, we managed to communicate with PSRM and in many cases identified solutions to many problems. The destabilizing factor that generated problems has always been Igor Dodon”, declared Alexandru Slusari. 

According to him, there is no guarantee that Igor Dodon due to personal frustrations, out of a desire to better position himself before the presidential elections, "will not set fire to the house again". “The main problem with PSRM and the creation of a coalition is Igor Dodon. A guarantee can only be your resignation. This would be the best guarantee, " the MP noted. 

Asked by journalists, Alexandru Slusari has said that it would be possible to discuss with the Democratic Party, if during this period a party purging process took place. He claims he has never said that all PDM members are toxic people, but as long as there are persons involved in embezzlement or illegal schemes, it is more complicated. According to him, all possible options will be discussed.

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