Accusations concerning appropriation of European funds in Gagauzia

Alexei Serebryanski, a retired SIS colonel and former foreign spy chief, said there is clear evidence of appropriation of European funds in Gagauzia. According to him, the chief of “Moldovagaz” Vadim Ceban and his adviser are involved in these illegalities. In a news conference given at IPN together with Olga Parzany, head of “Exodus Initiative e.V” of Germany, the former SIS employee called on the law  enforcement agencies and President Maia Sandu to take attitude so that those to blame are held accountable.

The retired SIS colonel said that for a long period of time he has followed the work of Olga Parzany, who shows courage and professionalism and who manages to expose wrongdoings in the use of European funds and grants allocated for implementing projects in ATU Gagauzia.

“During the last few years, we have made effort to expose offenses involving the Security and Intelligence Service and SA “Moldovagaz”. I decided to offer Missis Parzany to exchange opinions on offenses and the persons involved in these illegalities. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the citizen of another state possesses important information and evidence referring to persons I have been suspected of all kinds of offenses, inducing Vadim Ceban, the chief of SA “Moldovagaz” and his adviser Yevgenny Kuzmin. I informed society and the Prosecutor’s Office about the illegal activities of these two individuals long ago,” said Alexei Serebryanski.

Olga Parzany, who heads “Exodus Initiative e.V” of Germany, said that over 15 years ago, she started to work as a volunteer for charity projects in Gagauzia and currently helps Gagauz people to detect corruption schemes. She considers that only the fight against corruption can help improve the quality of people’s lives. “I want to note that my efforts to fight corruption are not paid by someone and are not work done by order. This is not a fight against someone specifically. It is a fight against corrupt systems. However, there are people behind these systems and that’s why it is important for me and my team to tell the names of those who are involved in corruption,” stated Olga Parzany.

According to her, an independent investigation into a European project to offer support to the local public administration was carried out last year. “Over €1.5 million was stolen from the project’s budget by the Executive Committee of Gagauzia. Direct responsibility is borne by Irina Vlah, the Bashkan of Gagauzia, and by Vadim Ceban, the president of the Administration Board of SA “Moldovagaz”, said the head of
“Exodus Initiative e.V” of Germany.

Olga Parzany and Alexei Serebryanski called upon the law enforcement agencies and President Maia Sandu to turn their attention to this case. They also asked for a broad inquiry into the use of European funds allocated for different projects, starting with those intended for ATU Gagauzia.

Note: IPN News Agency gives the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements of the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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