About unionist leaders’ incapacity, reports that can be used as wallpaper and “period and from the beginning” reform

IPN flow synopsis for February 10, 2020

A fool’s tongue is long enough to cut his own throat

His statements were probably misinterpreted,” President Igor Dodon said, commenting on the statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs Aureliu Ciocoi, who said that Russia’s military intervention in the Nistru armed conflict of 1992 was aimed only at stopping the bloodshed. A series of veterans organizations demand that Aureliu Ciocoi should resign as his statement is “diabolic” and he is “a traitor”.

Union, (lead) unionists!

Mutual distrust and fierce competition for political resources impede the establishment of a single center of "unionist" forces. For this reason, the public perception regarding the unification with Romania is missing from the decision-making processes, political scientist Dionis Cenușa writes in a new analytical article for IPN Agency. He says the 2020 presidential elections become an opportunity for the launch of a Unionist candidate (Octavian Țîcu), who has public support lower than the popularity of Igor Dodon or Maia Sandu.

Skating, skating…

The Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) asks Minister of Economy Anatol Usatyi to present within two days explanations why he didn’t place notices of tender contests for rehabilitating national roads in the Official Journal of the European Union if the value of the government procurement contracts for some of these is equal to or higher than 90 million lei. It is for now not possible to implement the law on government procurement that provides that notices of tender contests for projects financed with state budget funds should be published in the Official Journal. This is how the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure commented on the situation, providing relevant arguments.

Reports to be used as wallpaper

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration published the report on the execution of the national action plan for implementing the Association Agreement (AA) for 2017-2019. Experts consider the announced implementation rate of 71.56% is exaggerated. “Other alternative reports will probably indicate a lower figure. We must have reports on the functionality of laws so as to see how they work, which are the results, what changes these documents produced,” stated Ion Tăbârţă.

“I saw him at the club several days ago”

Promo-LEX Association says the restoration of sector police posts in each locality after annulling these in 2011 and 2012 could reverse the process of implementing the concept of community police. Promo-LEX is inclined to believe that authorities’ statements concerning the institution of a sector police post in each locality means recognition of the mistake made when adopting the moratorium on the employment of 2,684 persons at the Ministry of the Interior and pressing necessity of increasing, especially the number of sector police officers.

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