About Turks sold by national “Euro-Democrats”, presentiment of a failure in punishing Joe-“the evasive” and failed putsch of June 7 – 14, 2019

IPN flow synopsis for February 6, 2020

No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten

In the morning of September 6, 2018, when the seven Turkish teachers were taken from the street and were later transported to Turkey by a plane, Vasile Botnari, Alexandru Jizdan and Eduard Harunjen had a meeting, said MP Kiril Moțpan. (...) So, said Mister Botnari should not answer alone “for this big shame”, he stated. The wife of one of the seven Turkish teachers Galina Tufekci, who is a Moldovan citizen, said she is sure that no one will be punished according to law under the current government.

Appeal to start shaping ‘cannonballs’

MP Dinu Plîngău proposes extending the mandate of the special commission of inquiry into the attempted anticonstitutional putsch of June 7-14, 2019. He expressed his bewilderment at the fact that, as an MP and as a member of the commission, he was denied access to secret information obtained from state institutions. Particular actions inside the commission showed the presentation of the report is not wanted.

Nothing to be surprises at; it’s the law of the pack

MP Mihai Popșoi said the Moldovan authorities made no request to the United States to extradite former leader Vladimir Plahotniuc. Moreover, the case featuring this wasn’t finalized. However, Vladimip Plahotniuc will be forced to leave the U.S. where he is allegedly at present. Expert Ștefan Gligor said the authorities haven’t yet announced that they traced Vladimir Plahotniuc so as to file the extradition application.

Those who can should gnaw bones

The consolidation of farmland by sale-purchase transactions will be facilitated. Parliament gave a final reading to the amendments to the law on the normative price of land and the land sale-purchase method. When a person becomes the owner of all the lots of a field or of a portion of this field, this person must also purchase the roads inside the camp for consolidation purposes, on condition that the technological processes to cultivate the adjoining lots and the access ways to other utilities are not affected.

Corruption emerges victorious in the fight against corruption?

The fight against corruption remains one of the priorities of the parliamentary group of the Party “Action and Solidarity” for the current session. The resumption of the foreign direct assistance for the citizens is another priority. “The more accentuated isolation of the Republic of Moldova owing to the irresponsible attitude of the current government of Dodon to the foreign commitments is a big problem,” stated Deputy Speaker Mihai Popșoi.

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