About thieves in power, arithmetic during the elections and nothing about skinheads...

IPN flow synopsis, for 17 October 2019

Less from us, ...

By 2020, the government will put forward a "solidarity budget". The document entails that the entire society will be in solidarity with people who have low incomes. More social programs: for beneficiaries of pensions under 1500 de lei – allowances from 350 lei to 500 lei per month, an increase in the number of beneficiaries of these allowances, electricity allowances.

Motion, with obvious tactical and media artifices

Pavel Filip announced about a motion of censure on a TV station, while Adrian Candu has anticipated it  with a press conference. The motion is subjected to debates on the first day of the plenary sitting the next week after its submittal.

...and nothing about the skinheads of that time and the “defenders” of ministries in June 8-14, 2019

One of the organizers of the events of April 7, 2009 was former prime minister Vlad Filat, believes Vladimir Voronin, who at that time held the position of president of the state and did not “use weapons” during the events about which stories were made up that young people had been beaten at the police stations.

House is on fire, the crowd says !

The banking system looting was a well-prepared operation, coordinated with politicians and state dignitaries. It is one of the conclusions of the report for the elucidation of all circumstances of the banking system looting and investigation of the banking fraud, presented on October 17 at the plenary of the Parliament by the MP Alexandru Slusari in the absence of the MPs from the Democratic Party who left the meeting room.

Manus manum lavat

Dumitru Alaiba urged those who left the meeting room not to victimize themselves and not to complain of political attacks. "Tell us what is false in this report, what is inaccurate, did we say something different than what had happened, what is not a fact but falsehood. (…) "All, from top to bottom, from different institutions and from different levels of responsibility, have obeyed illegal, even criminal orders. No one spoke up, sound the alarm, or warn the public opinion. This is not how a state works, that's how organized crime works, "

Honest until they got the money

Socialist MP Vladimir Golovatiuc says that Vlad Filat și Ilan Șor were the financial beneficiaries of the billions stolen from the banking system, while  Vladimir Plahotniuc was the political beneficiary. "In order to get rid of Vlad Filat, Vladimir Plahotniuc lured him into the billion-dollar theft scheme. In consequence the former prime minister was convicted and removed from the political scene of the country".

Thieves cannot handcuff themselves

Lilian Carp, PAS Group MP, ACUM Bloc, mentioned that there was no integral file for the investigation of the bank fraud. There were several fragmented files, which were intended to mislead the public opinion. According to him, "they all stole together and it is clear that an integral file did not exist, because all frauds were operated from a single command point and thieves cannot handcuff themselves".

Arithmetic is to blame

In Stăuceni commune, Chisinau municipality, vote rigging could take place, believes Nicolae Balaur, an independent candidate for mayor position. “In February 2019, 7480 persons with voting rights were included on the lists. As of September 2019, according to the data of Stăuceni constituency, there were already 8012 people with voting rights on the lists, while in October this year, according to the website of the Central Electoral Commission, 9056 with voting rights are on the lists.” Nicolae Balaur has stated it is possible that the "rigging process could extend to all the suburbs" of Chisinau.

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