About the Kremlin from Tiraspol, walnut stuffed prunes and the futility of discussions about prosecutor general

IPN Flow Synopsis for November 28, 2019

What an anachronism: to the last drop of blood

The chairman of the parliamentary committee on National Security, Defense and Public Order, Chiril Moţpan, says that today he will be removed from office, whereas the deputy of the PAS group, ACUM bloc, Dumitru Alaiba announced on social networks that he had resigned from the position of deputy chair of the parliamentary committee on Economy, Budget and Finance.

If you missed the boat, the rest doesn’t matter

PAS group MP Sergiu Litvinenco states that the scores which each member of the Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP) is going to award to the candidates for the position of Prosecutor General must be made public, as it happened with the scores given by the members of the pre-selection committee of the Ministry of Justice. Whereas, PSRM group MP Grigore Novac is not sure, whether or not the scores should be published.

Forget about their Camembert!

Eight geographical indications and three designations of origin are registered in the Republic of Moldova. Recently, a traditional specialty was also registered - walnut stuffed prunes. In addition, 67 products with potential for geographical indication have been identified.

These are Kremlin’s interests, Tiraspol is just a screen

The draft protocol developed after the meeting in the 5 + 2 negotiation format for the Transdniestrian settlement, which was held in Bratislava on October 9 and 10, was not signed because of four priorities announced by Chisinau, to which Tiraspol did not assent to. "I will not go into details about Tiraspol's demands. I will just say that, for the most part, those topics that are insisted on, pertain exclusively to corporate interests of a narrow group of people, which is unacceptable when debating a political document,” explained Alexandru Flenchea.

„Long live România, long live the tricolor flag!”

"Sfatul Țării 2" Unionist Movement invites on Sunday, December 1, everyone who is Romanian at heart to „Ginta Latină” Theater in the capital, starting at 12:00, for a series of activities dedicated to the National Day of Romania. The chairman of the movement, the writer Nicolae Dabija, said at an IPN press conference, that distinguished political and cultural personalities from the Republic of Moldova and Romania were invited to participate in the event. Meanwhile the Guard of Honor of the National Army will participate in the Military Parade in Bucharest.

Let’s import bananas and ... forget about subsidies for agriculture

MP of DA Platform group ACUM Bloc, Alexandru Slusari, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, says that the Agricultural Subsidy Fund for 2020 remains at the level of 2017, of 950 million lei, but the arrears for 2019 will come to over 600 million. Considering that some sources are already planned to be directed to other areas, farmers will have up to 200 million lei subsidies for agricultural projects. Without increasing the Fund by at least 500 million lei, authorities cannot count on the modernization of the agricultural area, as many important processes of the sector will be jeopardized in 2020.

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