About the general who is no strategist, the time that has passed for ACUM, and nothing about a certain MP’s alleged promise to surrender his mandate

IPN flow summary for November 29, 2019

 “Sure”, burped the wolves

Alexandr Stoianoglo is the new Prosecutor General,to whom President Igor Dodon has"launched five proposals" "The theft of the billion, the usurpation, the privatizations, the airport and so on. If anyone believes or hopes that high profile cases will be dismissed or put on hold, this is inadmissible,” the head of state said. Democrat MP, Vladimir Cebotari claims that the new head of the Prosecutor’s office made a good impression on him.

Time will tell ...

The former prime minister argues that the Prosecutor's Office has high profile pending cases, involving both representatives of the Democratic Party and representatives of the Socialist Party, and the new prosecutor will have to make prompt decisions on them. "If these decisions are delayed, that will be further confirmation that there has been concluded an agreement, a compromise between the two parties”, stated the politician.

ACUM, no longer on call

The chairman of Parliamentary Commission on economy, budget and finance, Igor Munteanu, presented an activity report for June 18- November 6, stating that „a radical reconfiguration of all commissions” is taking place.
Four parliamentary committees have already new chairpersons.

Friend of our foes

ACUM bloc MPs have made in Parliament, November 29, a simple motion against the defense minister, Victor Gaiciuc. The procedure is called for due to his "support for the aggression against Ukraine, for the blatant challenge of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, for statements and positions that jeopardize the efforts of the Republic of Moldova to establish a strategic partnership with Ukraine and to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Transdniestrian dispute".

Figures are on the rise, life is in decline

World Bank forecasts an economic growth of 3.6 percent in 2020 and by 3.8 percent in 2021 as growth in Moldova’s main trade partners strengthens. Data published by the World Bank in Moldova indicate that, despite heightened political instability, the economy grew by 5.2 percent in the first half of 2019 driven by a strong increase in consumption, supported by a double-digit wage and pensions growth, on top of high public investment. Export performance was weak during the first six months of the year.

Now it’s here, now it’s not!

Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Sergiu Pușcuța, says that the budget deficit of 7.4 billion lei, provided in the draft state budget law will be covered through both internal resources and external financing. The minister claims that the direct difference between revenues and spending is of 2.6 billion out of the total amount of 7.4 billion-deficit. The other part, of 4.8 billion lei refers to the investment component, which, according to Sergiu Pușcuța," is not a deficit that would create a serious danger for the sustainability of the budget"

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