About the fact that there is no cheese in the beak without a sly fox, about the bee in the bonnet of the Venice Commission and the so called “search” for the stolen billion

IPN flow summary for November 27, 2019

There is no such thing as a free lunch

The $ 500 million loan that the Republic of Moldova could obtain from the Russian Federation, which was announced by Prime Minister Ion Chicu and President Igor Dodon, could increase the country's external debt by one third. According to economic expert Veaceslav Negruța, the announcement regarding this credit generates a number of questions to which there is not yet a clear answer on the part of authorities.

Anatol Usatîi maintains that negotiations with the Russian Federation for obtaining the $ 500-million credit have already been launched.

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

The government approved the draft Law on the 2020 state budget. The document provides 44.1 billion lei revenues and 51.5 billion lei expenditures. The deficit exceeds 7 billion lei. The budget expects a 3.8% economic growth, an average annual inflation of 5.7%, a 9% increase of exports and an increase of imports of 7.1%.The Law on the state budget is adopted by Parliament in three readings.

And where has been the Tax Inspectorate before?

International companies providing electronic services for natural persons, such as Facebook, Google and other non-residents who's applications are used on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, will be required to register with the State Tax Service. The electronic service providers will be required to pay VAT for these services, generating additional revenue to the budget. "And secondly, we will make sure that the Moldovan market treats residents and non-residents in the same way and that they all pay the VAT", stressed the MF secretary of state.

For as long as we live on this land

Daniel Ioniță argues that the relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova have always been special and will continue to be so, for they are based on a solid foundation of history, culture and tradition and are strengthened by a strategic partnership to support the European path of the Republic of Moldova. "As long as in Bucharest and Chisinau we speak the same language and for me this language is called Romanian, I do not think we will not find ways for dialogue between the two capitals. "

Commission presumes it is addressing statesmen

President of the Venice Commission, Gianni Buquicchio, calls on the institutions of the Republic of Moldova to work together to ensure the independence and integrity of the judiciary. The official has recalled that the Venice Commission, in its October opinion, acknowledged the legitimacy of the current composition of the Superior Council of Magistracy. At the same time, stresses Gianni Buquicchio, these constitutional competences must always, and only, be used to fulfil legitimate institutional goals in the best interest of Moldovan citizens.

They are doing “everything possible, but there is no progress

At a press briefing, Chiril Moţpan has said that on December 1, the 30-day deadline for the submittal of the report on the investigation of the looting of the banking system expires. The deputy reminded that the National Security, Defense and Public Order Commission has decided to hold new hearings on the enforcement of the Law on special investigative activity on Wednesday, December 4th.

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