About the area beyond the Dniester, Plahotniuc and the Romanian DNA

Main stories of IPN stream from October 9, 2019

V. Plahotniuc, bored of politics

Pavel Filip claimed that Vladimir Plahotniuc no longer wants to engage in politics and has no involvement with the Democratic Party, while the rumor that Andrian Candu would like to leave the PDM and even the country, is ... just a rumor. He avoided saying whether the reformed PDM will find a place within its midst for people such as Constantin Țuțu or Constantin Botnari.

... arrest warrant issued by prosecutors

The former PDM leader is investigated in two criminal cases linked in a single procedure. Viorel Morari: "The criminal investigation was triggered by a notification from Swiss authorities, which was issued during a spontaneous exchange of information that took place on June 2019, and by the analysis of the Service preventing and combating money laundering regarding the activity of the economic agents affiliated with the citizen Vlad Plahotniuc".

"Green leaf - sweet walnut ..."

Under the pretext of identifying irregularities, during the 2016-2017 period, the control bodies of the Filip government blocked certain companies specialized in the export of walnuts. "Thousands of tons of walnuts have been seized, people were detained, while the shock wave of these interventions has imbalanced the market" in favor of the economic agents associated with the regime, said the chairman of the Committee for economy, budget and finance, Igor Munteanu.

"Small steps" within the dance of foreign interest

The "small steps" policy, which disregards the Law on the status of Transnistria of 2005, creates, in fact, a de facto state beyond the Dniester, said MP Iurie Reniță. The agreement signed by the ACUM bloc and the Socialist Party stipulates that topics such as the Transnistrian issue will not be part of the coalition agenda, however, the socialists, led by President Dodon, do not comply with the agreement.

Nothing from Bratislava

"We have examined the state of the implementation process of the elements included in the "Berlin-plus" protocol and have not reached "an agreement on the protocol decision with which such meetings are usually concluded", said the head of the OSCE Mission to the Republic of Moldova about the recent „5 + 2” meeting from Bratislava.

Energy security does not come from the East

The completion of the construction works of the Iași-Ungheni-Chișinău gas pipeline and the continuation of joint projects in education, culture, energy, agriculture, medicine and other fields, is very important for the relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. "Romania's commitment to the Republic of Moldova is already part of the Romanian state's DNA", Ramona Mănescu, head of external affairs in Bucharest, said in a discussion with Maia Sandu.

Independent within the bounds of the law

The Constitutional Court confirmed the impossibility of the judges "who have ruled at least once on the merits of a case to participate in rulings regarding the admissibility of review requests". Thus, the judges who have condemned Vlad Filat have no right to adjudicate the case.

Anti-corruption prosecutor arrested for corruption

while receiving 1500 euros for a favorable decision on a criminal case that would have been under his management. It was found that, in fact, the petitioner's file, which involved excesses of duties of service allegations, was classified as of September 30.

Choose www.alegeri.md!

All information on the elections set for October 20 can be accessed on the alegeri.md website. The website was presented at an IPN press conference by the executive director of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT Igor Boțan.

Telepartisans, the reds and other colors

The Independent Journalism Center has established that out of ten monitored stations, NTV Moldova and Accent TV continue to make obvious political partisanship, massively promoting PSRM candidates. The Central Television from Orhei clearly favoured the representatives of the Political Party "Șor".

When the right hand does not know what the left hand does

Because the results of the laboratory tests are not presented to ANSA, just between August 20 and October 4, 73 batches of infested fish reached the market. The government expects the Prosecutor's Office, the CNA and the judges to act in the interests of the people, imposing severe penalties.


According to the executive director of ADEPT, 85% incumbent mayors are seeking reelection: 329 from the PD, 130 from the PSRM, 114 from the ACUM bloc DA PAS. Igor Boțan estimated that the PDM, with all its flaws, could achieve a result far beyond the expectations suggested by opinion polls.


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