About state that is not ours, strategy for eliminating sunflower seeds in Chisinau and chance of “007” agent to get a Moldovan passport

IPN flow synopsis for February 3, 2020

State annihilates its taxpayers?

“We lost about 200,000 people during the past five years. These formed part of the skilled population,” said Vadim Pistrinciuc, executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives. According to him, first of all it is important to admit that the demographic crisis is a national security problem, alongside grand corruption. Secondly, measures should be adopted to adjust to the created situation when population is aging and is leaving en masse.

Accountants bear overall blame, as switchmen do

Prime Minister Ion Chicu admitted that salary arrears in the case of public sector employees can yet exist, but the payment of salaries will be monitored by a mechanism similar to the one used in the case of prices. This will be launched in February. “If it is determined that the salary is usually paid on the date of 10 of the month, but the account does not present the payment order by the date of 15, the institution will be requested to prove explanations,” he stated. The work done by the Cabinet will be assessed after 100 days of activity.

Electoral program seemed to be a great strategy

Mayor general of Chisinau municipality Ion Ceban requested that the persons who eat sunflower seeds in public places should be punished.
“I walked from bench to bench and there were people eating sunflower seeds at each of the benches. They tried to convince me that this is biodegradable material and also that the sludge is thus covered and there is no mud there,” the mayor stated in the ordinary meeting of officials of Chisinau services and subdivisions.

Pieces of advice that do not work

The opponents of incumbent President Igor Dodon, if he runs in this year’s presidential elections, could think about an eventual solution to combine forces. As the presidential elections are held in two rounds, this allows for maneuvering camp for all the potential candidates to become involved in the election campaign and all kinds of coalitions can be formed in the runoffs, political analyst Igor Boțan stated in a political debate titled “Political or apolitical, party or common candidate for next elections, why?” that was organized by IPN News Agency.

Criminals, come to account for!

MP of the DA Platform of the ACUM Bloc Kiril Moțpan, ex-chairman of the parliamentary security on security and public order, said he came into possession of documents showing that at least four persons close to the former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc have a second identity. The Public Services Agency was then managed by Sergey Răilean, who was reportedly a relative of the current Democratic leader Pavel Filip.

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