About state of emergency brought like a cold pizza, 60 days that will be different now and survey dominated by “no/I don’t know”

IPN flow synopsis for March 17, 2020

#Stayathome, Nation, it is a state of emergency

Parliament adopted a decision to declare a state of emergency in Moldova for 60 days, as from March 17. A number of MPs expressed their bewilderment at the fact that the Government overnight decided to ask to declare a state of emergency for 60 days, not 30 days as it was agreed in the Cabinet meeting a day ago.

Doing good things with bludgeon

The law on the declaring of the state of emergency, siege or war defines the
state of emergency as an ensemble of political, economic, social and public order maintenance measures that are instituted provisionally in some of the localities or all over the country. The citizens can be summoned to provide services in public interest. Special rules can be introduced as regards the use of telecommunications means. The authorities can institute a special work regime for business entities and public institutions and a special entrance and leaving regime at the border.

Ombudsman Mihail Cotorobai expressed his concern about the authorities’ intention to modify some of the provisions of this law. The level of knowledge of the novel coronavirus is rather high among the population, while the level of panic is not so high, shows a survey carried out by Date Inteligente SRL (iData) during March 13-15. The police warn he citizens that different false messages are disseminated through social networking sites and mobile applications in a move to misinform the people and to cause panic in society.

Contributing to improvement of situation

The Government has launched a campaign to collect funds in the form of donations for combating the novel coronavirus. The Ministry of Finance opened three accounts, in Moldovan lei, U.S. dollars and euros.

Home appliances in exchange for scrap

A program similar to “Home Appliances in Exchange for Scrap” of Romania could be implemented in Moldova. This enables the people to exchange old home appliances (fridges, TV sets, washing machines, etc.) for new ones on the presentation of a voucher issued to each beneficiary. The condition is for the new electrical appliance to belong to an energy efficiency class A++.

Don’t put the cart before the horse!

About 22% of the respondents of poll would vote for Igor Dodon in the presidential elections of this autumn, while 10.3% for Maia Sandu. Some 5.2% of those interviewed named other candidates who would gain 1% and less. Also, 14.5% of those polled said they would not vote for anyone, while almost half don’t know or didn’t answer.

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