About Socialists’ questions about financing from Russia, mayors who left the same way they came and fertile country fed on imports

IPN flow symposia for January 22, 2020

It’s bad when gondoliers do not admit paternity

Alexandru Jizdan said there are tensions inside the party because the party’s members have differing views about the political developments. “Are we in power? We do not think so. We weren’t offered posts in this state”.

Did someone say something about €700,000 a month from Russia?

In 2016, the former oligarchic government of Vladimir Plahotniuc made an absolutely illegal and anti-constitutional order, instructing the Prosecutor General’s Office to take legal action against the Party of Socialists, based on invented facts,” the party’s executive secretary Vlad Batrîncea stated in a news conference. In this connection, the PSRM will file a lawsuit concerning the case featuring the party. In fact, the Party of Socialists will support the national projects launched recently by President Igor Dodon, concerning the ensuring of the population’s access to water, gas, good roads, lit streets, etc.

Did mayors realize how hard it is to govern a country?

No matter how often the meetings of the Premier and mayors are held, the problems of localities have been the same for tens of years. Nicolae Tudoreanu, who holds his fifth term as mayor of Feștelița village of Ștefan Vodă district, noted that all things change, but only those related to the local public administration remained the same as in 1999. Constantin Cojocaru, mayor of Edineţ municipality, who serves his fourth term, said that “when we complete the decentralization, including as regards the regional development, ecological, road funds, things will stand differently”.

In the meeting with mayors,
Premier Chicu said that “if we exclude politics from our dialogue, things will improve”.

...and also Mercedes, Lexus, BMW cars

The examination of the top ten positions of agricultural products imported by Moldova shows that the country imports elementary products to the value of 2 billion lei. “Such a state of affairs should be changed,” stated Premier Chicu. “When we see that the prices are raised groundlessly, we will intervene. The Competition Council is the state tool that can be used to see if any concerted action was taken”.

Salaries that are about 10 years late

Higher salaries
will be paid to family doctors, doctors from the pre-hospital assistance system, medical personnel with secondary specialty studies from a number of services, inferior medical personnel and administrative personnel. For example, the new salaries of family doctors with a length of service of less than 10 years will be 7,160 lei.

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