About Shor being present at any station, boyar dissatisfied with servants and Moldovans in acts of corruption worth hundreds of millions

IPN flow synopsis for February 14, 2020

Will they shake hands?

The PLDM, PAS, PPPDA and PUN discuss the upcoming elections with the UNION Movement. “After the fellows discuss at bilateral level, we could discuss all together at that table so as to see what instruments we have and to facilitate somehow the electoral year 2020,” said Valeriu Munteanu, the leader of the USB. The UNION Political Movement has announced the launch of the permanent event “Free Microphone” and invites the citizens to come to the monument to Ruler Stephan the Great and Holy in central Chisinau each Friday, starting at 12 noon.

Shor – the fugitive, with open hand in any bus and minibus station

The whole national system of public transport was transmitted to private individuals and something like this is dangerous for the life and health of travellers in Moldova, stated MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Igor Munteanu. He noted that before being conceded, the enterprise “Motor Terminals and Stations” made profits of 5 million lei a year, were in a better state, paid the employees and weren’t in a disastrous state even if they didn’t have enough money for self-modernization. They could have kept the situation under control without any involvement from outside.
Going without bypassing holes, rakes and thorns

The fight against corruption and the justice sector reform remained stagnant after the Sandu Government was replaced. Ion Guzun, co-chairman of the EU – Moldova Civil Society Platform, said that during five years of the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, visible results were achieved in such areas as border security, energy interconnection and mobility of persons. But there are areas where no changes were brought about even if amendments were made to the legislation. These are the justice sector reform, the fight against corruption and the democratization process.

Unwanted in European capitals

Igor Dodon said most of Moldova’s ambassadors working in the EU went to rest there and indicators for assessing their work should be set.  If they do not meet these, they should be dismissed. “Many of them feel like they live at a sanatorium there. (…) Most of them do nothing and the relations with this country and trade worsen. No investors are attracted,” he stated.

“Growing Moldova”, raising bandits

survey conducted by the Center for Social Research and Marketing “CBS-Research” and commissioned by UNDP shows the estimated volume of bribe last year was 516 million lei, as opposed to 405 million lei in 2017. According to the survey data, over 70% of population and over 60% of business representatives (about 2/3 out of both categories in 2017) consider corruption to be a very serious problem. The top three most corrupt institutions are the police (36%), medical institutions (31%) and Parliament (29%).

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