About rehabilitation of putschists, success story of fuel prices and Moldovans’ holidays in tears

IPN flow synopsis for February 7, 2020

Shor is much closer to Pruncul jail “than many people believe”

MP of the Shor Party Marina Tauber said Ilan Shor is much closer than many people believe. The party will field a candidate for the presidential elections and will do its best for the President to be a representative of the Shor Party.

Conviction substituted with movement towards buttons

The president of the Democratic Party Pavel Filip said the party he leads is ready to discuss the formation of a coalition, but needs instruments to be able to deliver its promises. Among these instruments are portfolios in the Government. The party does not form part of a coalition at present and gave its vote of confidence to the Government led by Ion Chicu due to the program this presented.

Boyars are afraid of pitchforks only

A group of veterans of Moldova call on all the war veterans to come to a general assembly that will be held in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau on February 8 and contribute to creating a veterans union that will bring together all the 54 veterans organizations existing at present. The veterans will also seek free rehabilitation treatment once a year, free tickets to sanatorium once a year and free medicines for veterans and their families. Another demand is to compensate 50% of the payments for public utilities. They will also ask to be offered pieces of land and non-reimbursable loans for building homes, monthly allowances of 1,700 lei, annual allowances on February 23, March 2 and August 27.

Playing with fire and then with gasoline

Filling stations posted lower fuel prices in the morning of February 7. Gasoline is by 0.30 lei on average cheaper, while diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas by 0.30-0.40 lei. However, if the prices at all the operators change to the same or a similar extent, this shows the competition mechanisms remain inefficient, stated expert Victor Parlicov. President Igor Dodon welcomes the “significant” decrease in fuel prices and says that this was also due to the price monitoring mechanism and the efficient communication with fuel market operators.

Nazi Germany was defeated, not yet Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Representatives of the Union Political Movement criticize the activities planned by the authorities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory Day. President of the Save Bessarabia Union Valeriu Munteanu said that several months after Igor Dodon named his own government, he started to propose an avalanche of poisoning initiatives against the accomplishments of the National Liberation Movement, under the guidance of the Russian Federation. The presidential press service said the Presidential Office does not comment on the ordinary actions and statements of different political parties.

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