About national security disaster, schemes with NBM funds and news from Voronin

IPN flow synopsis for February 11, 2020

My country, their province

Valentin Dediu, ex-vice director general of the SIS, considers that Russia didn’t renounce its Novorossiya (New Russia) plan and that the Presidential Office’s insistence on the international recognition of Moldova’s neutrality is nothing else but promotion of Russia’s foreign policy. According to him, during the last three-four years Moldova practically didn’t have a security conception, a security strategy. It had only a list of dangers formulated by President Igor Dodon.

Akela knows everything, but does not have teeth

Vladimir Voronin said that if the current system for electing the President, which he considers unconstitutional, remains the same, the Communists will most probably enter the electoral race. He underlined that snap parliamentary elections should be held to remedy the current situation in which Moldova found itself. A new Parliament is needed to also clarify things concerning the presidential elections, the work of the Constitutional Court and many other issues.

...and even ten cannot cope

Jurist Pavel Midrigan considers the National Bank of Moldova is an accomplice to the bank fraud and the state shouldn’t pay it anything back. He referred to Igor Dodon’s announcement that a part of the central bank’s profit will be directed to the state budget for covering the costs incurred by the citizens as a result of the adoption of the so-called “billion law”.

“The partial distribution of the profit made by the National Bank of Moldova was discussed by the NBM, the Government and the International Monterey Fund and, in the agreed conditions, meets the international standards concerning capitalization of central banks,” stated the NBM.

Garbage from rug of “Autosalubritate”

Leaving “Autosalubritate”, civic activist Mihail Bagas revealed that besides the authorized waste dump in Țânțăreni, there is also an authorization that belongs to the landfill in Boșcana at a time when those in the municipality pay millions of lei to the authorities in Țânțăreni. Also, the business entities are not obliged to sign contracts for the collection of waste, while the formulas for calculating tariffs for the volume of waste produced by business entities were approved over 30 years ago.

What about vices,

Patrol inspectors wear new uniforms as of February 11. These were donated by the French National Gendarmerie. The inspectors will use both the new blue uniforms and their old uniforms. The new ones have the distinctive signs of the National Police imprinted on them and will be distributed only to the inspectors that patrol and direct road traffic.

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